Grabbing Benidorm

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Usually when I’m planning an overseas holiday I’ve got cultural destinations in mind, but the miserable spring weather had been leaving me desperate for a warmer climate. A websearch soon led to a bargain last minute holiday in Benidorm. I’d never been to this famous, or should that be infamous British holiday destination. For once I was just looking to relax in the sun and take in the atmosphere. The writer in me wondered if there was inspiration to be had for a story, and yes in the back of my mind the thought a bit of a holiday hook up was there too.

So a few days later, here I was on a warm Thursday night, sitting at my second bar of the night. I was nursing a cool Belgium lager, watching the world go by when my gaze was caught by two laughing women who had pulled up at one of the tables on the promenade. They were obviously sharing a ribald joke with a trio young lads sat at the next one. From their identical T-shirts with some bloke’s gurning face printed on, they were on a stag weekend. I put the women in their early sixties, both tanned and dressed for the hot summer night.

The nearer one was a dark haired brunette, generously blessed in both the hips and chest. She was standing up and trying on a cheeky wiggle for the young men, one of whom made a grab for waist and pulled her unresistingly in for a quick kiss on the lips, to the roar of approval from his mates. I saw now her peroxided blonde friend was sitting on a mobility scooter. She had a plump apple shaped body, and dressed a little more modestly in light summer clothers, compared to her pal who had gone for shorts and a rainbow coloured top with an enjoyably plunging neckline.

A couple of minutes later, I heard goodbyes being called and saw the three lads getting up and moving down the promenade, waving at the two women and seemingly the bar in general. Brunette weaved her way to the bar and stood next to me. I liked her laughing eyes, but I could also see there was something a little deflated about her mood too. She felt my gaze and I smiled as she turned. I asked if she was enjoying the night.

“Aye, Hannah and I are out on the prowl. You?”

“Yes, so far. Not been here long. You seem to be good at making friends.”

“Yeah I like to think I’m good at it but…”


At this moment the bartender reached us. She ordered a couple of large white wines, and I decided to take the plunge and offer to pay for them. After a moment of thought she consented. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Brandy. Whilst they were being poured I prompted her. She continued, “Well it seems to be hard to get any guys to hang around. These boys are always up for a quick grope of anything with a pair of tits, but it’s just a laugh and then they move on looking for younger lasses. At the most you might get a drink out of them.”

“Well maybe you need to find some men, not boys.”

“Oh yes? But even older guys don’t really want to know this trip. It’s ‘cos Hannah’s on that scooter. She’s had to use since last autumn because of her knees, but men think she’s disabled or suchlike. Too much trouble. But I’m not going to go off and leave her flat alone.” We picked up our drinks and began to make our way back to her. “She’s still the same woman she ever was.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked Hannah with mock indignation.

“I bahis firmaları said you’re still up for it!” Brandy grinned.

“Pimping me out now? You cheeky slag!” roared Hannah.

We got talking. The women revealed that they regularly holidayed together, originally with their husbands, but Hannah was now a widow, whilst Brandy’s had “buggered off with some fat checkout girl he got up the duff”. It turned out that not only were we all Northerners, but we had quite a bit else in common. Another round of drinks quickly followed and the anecdotes were getting raunchier. I couldn’t help but keep noticing Brandy’s jiggling breasts, whilst guessing what Hannah’s full figure looked like was getting me horny too. Both of them had complimented me as handsome too. I began to feel we were begin to circle around the question of what was going to happen next. I didn’t want to mood to become awkward so I suggested taking the party indoors. I would have been happy to suggest a taxi to my place but the women were much keener on returning to their holiday home, where apparently they had a good stock of booze. “And whatever else we need” said Brandy with a corny wink.

It started in the lift. We let Hannah ride in first, then followed. As soon as the door slid shut, Brandy put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I was only too ready to respond. When Hannah told us to calm down, I broke off and bent down to kiss her too, massaging her shoulders.

“Save it lad, we’ve got all night,” laughed Hannah when we parted.

Once we were inside their spacious flat, with two bedrooms, Hannah got up and waddled over to the fridge in the corner of the lounge. I admire her huge ass as she bent down to retrieve a bottle of wine. Brandy went over to the kitchen area for some glasses. When I reached for one she waggled her finger. “Ah ah, matey. You’ve got to earn it. And us.”

“Oh yeah? How?”

“You know what our favourite film is? The Full Monty!”

Hannah went over to a CD player on a shelf. Pressing play, the sound of Tom Jones filled the flat and the pair of them started giggling and shouting “Strip! Strip!” Obviously not caring about any sleeping neighbours. I was horny and had a good beer buzz going on, so why the hell not? Brandy and Hannah settled back on the sofa, pouring wine and making whoops and cat calls as I did my best to do a sexy Chippendale dance. I must have looked ridiculous and we all knew it but that wasn’t the point. We all joined in the crazy game and played along. Finally I pulled down my boxers and tossed them towards my audience.

Brandy stood up and walked over with a glass of wine. “I guess you deserve this.”

I took it out of her hand and placed it on the coffee table. “There’s something else I want,” and took her in my arms and kissed her hard. Our hands were everywhere like a couple of randy kids. I was loving the feel of her soft body but I needed more. My hands went to pull her top off and she gladly helped. I stood away to admire her heavy boobs held in a purple bra, wrinkled skin in places but that was part of her. She glanced at Hannah who loftily waved a free hand. “Go for it girly”. We kissed again and Hannah chortled as she saw my prick getting good and stiff. This time it Brandy who broke off.

“You’ve been staring at my boobs all night haven’t you?” With a coquettish smile she reached kaçak iddaa behind and unclasped the bra, holding it on her chest for a moment but dropping to reveal two magnificent swaying tits. It was an all-over tan.

I didn’t waste any time and wrapped her in another cinch, feeling her soft boobs pressing against me, our tongues exploring. She smell of sweat and pleasure. Then we moved backward to the couch and lowered ourselves on in the space left by Hannah. I moved down to knead those lovely mounds, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples. She was moaning encouragement. I was about to pull on her shorts when I felt Hannah’s hands on my back.

Not wanting her to feel left out, I levered myself of Brandy and turn face Hannah. She had already pulled her blouse off, revealing a frilly white bra cupping a paler, smaller but just as inviting cleavage. Without saying anything, I put my arms around her and kissed her, gently and first and then more firmly as she pushed back.

“That’s it, show her what’s been missing,” giggled Brandy, reaching for her wine, as I pawed for the clasp of Hannah’s bra. She sighed as it came free and pulled it away, revealing a lovely pair of pale, pink tipped breasts. I took them in my hands and enjoyed their softness. Hannah pushed my head down into her tits and jiggled them, urging me. I covered them with kisses and took her nipples in my mouth one by one. As I sucked them in I put just a little pressure around them with my teeth and she loved that.

When I looked around for Brandy, she was standing up and unbuttoning her shorts. She let them slide down her tanned legs, revealing purple lacy panties. She looked fantastic as she stepped out of the pooled shorts.

“Come on ladies, I don’t want wait any longer. Whose bed is it going to be?” I asked. Hannah pointed towards her room and we got off the sofa and walked in, my stiff dick leading me on. Both women had double beds it turned out, but even so it was a squeeze to get us all on one. After a few minutes of laughing and sighing as we groped each other. Brandy sat up.

“This is no good, you’re going to have to decide who goes first!” I protested of course that it was an impossible choice, but the girls teased me I’d better get decisive or be thrown out. I think they were joking, but it spurred me on to grab Brandy and kiss her firmly. “Damm right” she hissed in my ear. I told her to get on her hands and knees on the bed.

What a magnificent shapely arse she had. I ran my hands over it and moved on up her back, moving my fingers in circles, till I was massaging her shoulders and she was making short moans. Hannah had pulled her skirt up to her waist and was sitting on the edge of the bed watching us, a hand between her plump thighs.

“He’s nice and hard for you Brandy you big slut. Stop teasing her lad.” Clearly Hannah liked a bit of dirty talk.

I felt for her pussy and she was nicely wet. Then I slowly entered her, feeling the warmth around my cock. Brandy cooed with pleasure. “Heheh It’s been a while hasn’t bitch,” cackled Hannah.

Starting slowly I pushed in and out, loving the feeling of her pussy and her responding hips. We gradually built up the tempo, both not caring what kind of grunts and gasps we were making in front of our audience. Faster and slower and faster again, watching her big tits jiggling beneath her. Before kaçak bahis too long I felt that familiar rushing feeling in my balls and I came harder that I think I had for quite a while. I kept going until by dick began to lose its firmness then pulled out, to Hannah’s cry of mock triumph. Brandy collapsed and rolled over, her breast spilling either side of her chest.

“Oh yes!” was all she said, grinning.

I needed a little time to recover. I was wary of having any more wine in case it prevented a second act, so just had a water whilst Brandy and Hannah carried on with the wine. I’d put my boxers back on and Brandy was relaxing in her pink bathrobe. Hannah decided to prove that she wasn’t going to let her legs stop her, and entertained us with some dancing. First she dropped her skirt, revealing a big pair of white panties and then she was clumsily twerking and making what she thought were stripper moves. We applauded anyway. There was a real feeling of affection in the room between us relative strangers.

Hannah had an expectant look on her face and I was relieved to feel my cock beginning to firm up for a second act. Standing up and moved behind Hannah and cupped her breasts, feeling them before moving my hands down to begin pulling at her panties.

“I’m going to give you two some privacy,” announced Brandy, swaying up.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Sure, just fancy a shower, and I’m not a dirty perve like Hannah.” She came forward and hugged us both, then gave each of us a quick kiss. “Have fun”

We went back into Hannah’s room and her unmade bed. This time I did pull down her panties and gave her big white backside a playful slap. We eased onto the bed and kissed slowly. I was taking plenty of time to caress Hannah’s plentiful body. After a few long minutes, I whispered to her to sit on the edge of the bed. Hooking my hands under her thighs I pulled her legs in the air as she fell back on the mattress, completely at my mercy. Gripping her legs either side, I pushed my cock into her loose but wet pussy. She bit her bottom lip and I began to thurst back and forth. Soon her whole body was shaking, and she urged me on with her filthy mouth.

“That’s it you bastard, fucking nail me. Fucking yeah! Can you feel my twat? Yeah harder lad, harder!”

I knew what she need to hear. “Yeah take it you fat bitch. Shaking your arse at me! You’re my whore now. My big dirty bitch!”

Leaning forward I grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard, and getting a groan in return. Soon we weren’t bothering with dirty words, Just screaming and grunting, getting each other off.

Then I came again, sweating all over. So was she. Then we lay there for a while, just holding each other.

“I was teasing Brandy she hadn’t had it in ages. Truth is, you’re the first since my husband. Can’t believe how I’ve been,” she confessed. I just told her it had been great.

Brandy was grinning at me when I emerged from the room. “Reckon we might have to keep our heads down tomorrow for a while after all that hollering.” Somehow we all felt that staying till breakfast would be wrong way to end such a wild evening. We all needed our space, at least for a few hours. I picked up my clothes and whilst I waited for the taxi we arranged a meet up the next day.

So we palled around for the rest of my long weekend. There was time for a couple more sessions which these sexy ladies, one involving a local DJ too. But by the time I was ready to leave, we knew our friendship was best kept as a short erotic fling in the Spanish sun. What a weekend though.

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