Helping Margaret Pt. 02

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This is a work of fiction. All Characters are 18 years or older.


Margaret pulled her body away from my face. Her lovely asshole was now moving further away from my tongue, and it was so very disappointing.

“Right now, you need to just come up here and touch my tongue with your tongue. I want your saliva in my mouth.” She said.

She didn’t waste any time as she literally pulled me by my arms straight up to her waiting lips.

Once again, we started to kiss.

Our tongues were wresting back and forth.

We were both moaning, back and forth, and sweating. Her sweat tasted so good.

“So, you like my asshole?” She asked.

The fact was, I loved her asshole.

Her asshole was a light brown, with very little hair covering it. And it actually had a sweet taste to it.

“I think you should prove to me that you love my asshole. I want you to stick your finger in it… deeply, and then stick that finger in your mouth.” She said while biting my ear.

I pulled her head back to my lips, and shoved my tongue back into her mouth, and we tongue wrestled for a few seconds while my right hand dropped down below to her treasures. Within a few seconds, my finger was buried inside of her hot asshole. I fingered her good. I finger-banged her for a good ten minutes while we continued to kiss.

“Oh baby, you’re making me feel so…”

Margaret started to whimper and moan, and then her body started to shake and shudder.

‘Oh god baby!” Margaret screamed, and then she started to piss on my arm while I was still finger banging her asshole.

Our tongues still continued to wrestle, back and forth, and Margaret continued to moan, and she screeched a couple of times. Her piss was down dripping off my arm, and my right middle finger was still buried in her asshole. I now wanted to bring my finger to my mouth. I wanted to smell her asshole scent.

Margaret pulled her head away from mine, and brought my finger up to her to her nose.

“I think you’ve got a good smell of me baby!” She smiled.

I put my finger to my own nose, and took a sniff.

I was expecting to smell her poop. But I was pleasantly surprised to only smell a smell of her own beautiful aroma. I could smell her pussy. Once again, the beautiful scent of her pussy roamed into my awaiting nostrils. I then stuck my finger into my mouth, and was pleased to find the taste was a bit bitter, yet sweet.

Margaret again pulled my mouth back to her mouth, bringing casino şirketleri our tongues together again.

“I think it’s time you entered me, don’t you think?” She moaned into my mouth.

Without further ado, Margaret finally removed her panties.

Margaret pushed me onto my back, and with one more deep tongued kiss, pushed my head back.

“Right now, Mr. David, my pussy is going to swallow your cock, and I’m going to fuck you hard. My pussy juices are going to flow all over your hard cock.

She wasted no more time with climbing over me and positioning herself over my hardness.

Margaret’s luscious boobs were directly in front of my face. They were such beautiful boobs.

She leaned down a little bit so I could put them in my mouth. One by one, I licked them, and swallowed them. I could still smell her piss on my arms.

“Are you ready my sweet David?” She asked.

Before I could answer, I felt her warm, wet pussy starting to swallow my cock.

She started slow. At first I only felt her warmth. Then I felt her starting to squirt on me once I had fully entered.

“Goddamn baby, I haven’t felt anything like this since Raymond was inside me.” She moaned.

I was now buried inside of Margaret’s pussy. The feeling was indescribable.

Margaret started clenching and squeezing her pussy around my cock and she started moaning even louder.

“David, I want to you power-fuck me with that hard cock of yours. I want you to give me your ‘all’. I want you to power-fuck me into Hell baby!” Margaret shouted.


Our bodies rocked and rolled for several minutes. Margaret was sweating, and her sweat dripped from her forehead and fell into my mouth. I lick it right up and enjoyed the taste. Her pussy continued to clamp and constrict on my cock. Her moans were growing louder and louder.

“Goddamn baby! That’s right! Fuck me! Fuck your slut! Fuck your whore! I’m your whore now Mr. David! I’m your slut forever!! Fill my juicy cunt! Fill me with your seed!” Margaret shouted.

Margaret continued to rock my cock with all of her might.

Her sweat continued to drip little by little off from her head and down onto my face. Some of it landed right onto my open mouth and tongue. It tasted so sweet.

“God Yes!! Fuck me with your hard cock you fucker!”

I was pumping her as fast and as hard as I could, while she continued rocking back and forth with all of her strength.

I could feel her juices leaking all over casino firmaları my cock and dripping down over my ball sack. The room now had a lovely aroma mixture of both the candles and our sex.

“I’m almost there baby!” She moaned.

“So am I!” I said as I could feel the tingling in my balls building up.

“Oh god! Oh God! Fuck yes! Oh David!” She screamed.

And then it happened. I shot a huge load of my cum deep inside of her steaming hot pussy as she continued to clamp down on my cock in an intense orgasm.

Her body was shaking fiercly.

After a few minutes, Margaret collapsed onto my chest.

We were both breathing heavily.

She started to nibble on my ear once again, and starting moaning something I couldn’t quite understand.

I kissed her back, and nibbled on her ears as well.

“My god, you shithead, that was soooo good!” She growled.

“I think I’m in love with you!” I said.

Again, we started kissing, our tongues wrestled. Soon, I started to nibble on her ears, just as she’d done mine. And then I started to lick on her neck. Her sweat really tasted good.

“I want you to get hard again.” She growled into my ear.

She reached down and started to fondle and cup my balls.

I let out a little growl of my own.

“You need you to get this hard again. I’ve got a surprise for you.” She said.


She stoked me for a few minutes until I was finally hard again.

Our kissing and growling came to a stop.

Margaret lifted up and positioned herself over me.

Looking down at me, our eyes connected, and she gave me a very seductive look.

Without a further word, Margaret slowly lowered herself back down onto my cock.

At first touch, I could feel her asshole clench up a bit, and Margaret let out a little bit of a whimper.

“I never let Ray do this. This is new to me.” She said.

I started to gently push myself in.

I finally felt the crown of my cock push past her ring. And again, Margaret let out a small cry. We took it very slowly for the next few moments.

“I think you’re in baby.” Margaret whispered.

“I think I am too.” I said quietly, trying to let her adjust.

Little by little, I felt my cock slowly pushing up inside of Margaret’s asshole. I could feel the warmth and welcoming of her bowels.

Within a few moments of slow moving, Margaret finally settled down on me, with my cock fully buried inside of her bowels.

Margaret took güvenilir casino a few deep breaths, getting prepared for a full-forced ass fucking.

“Listen Mr. David Armstrong.” She said. “Right now, you’re cock is buried deeply inside of my asshole. Nobody has ever been inside my ass before now. I want you to go slowly, gently. But soon, I want you to treat my asshole like it’s yours. Like I’m your personal slut. I want you to fuck my hot asshole with abandon. And soon, I want you to shoot your hot cum as far up into my asshole as you can. Can you do that for me baby?” Margaret asked.

Before I could answer her request, Margaret started to rock her hips back and forth, and I could feel her bowels clenching around my cock. It was a most wonderful feeling.

Margaret started to moan little bit. I couldn’t tell if she was in pain or not, so I asked.

“Baby, just keep fucking my ass. My ass has never belonged to anyone before. Not even my late husband. But now that I have your cock deeply inside of my asshole, I think it’s safe to say, my asshole, my entire body… I myself, belong to you. I want you to treat me like your own personal whore. Fuck me hard, and shoot your hot cum as deep inside my asshole as you possibly can baby!” Margaret said.

For the next several minutes, Margaret rocked her hips back and forth, with my hard cock buried deeply in her bowels. I could feel her bowel muscles tighten. She continued to rock my cock as hard as she could, with her sweat continuing to drip off from her forehead and into my mouth.

“Oh god!” She screamed. “Right there baby, right there!” She screamed.

“I’m there! I’m there!” I moaned.

“Do it baby! Do it! Shoot your hot cum deep in my ass! Give me your juice!” She screamed.

Margaret’s body started to shake, and I shot my second load deep inside of her bowels.

“Oh god baby!” She screamed.

Margaret slowed her pace until she was finally just sitting still on top of me, breathing hard. She gave my cock a final squeeze with her asshole as I started to go soft, and eventually slid out.

A few moments later, we were once again laying down and cuddling each other.

“Wow, I just don’t know what to say!” Margaret groaned into my ear.


We both lay there, looking up at the ceiling and not saying much, just letting the candle light still flicker throughout the room and the music from my small stereo still flow throughout the room like slow ocean waves.

“Margaret…” I started to speak.

“No, don’t speak, my love, just cuddle me.” She said as she wrapped her arms around me, along with her left leg over my waist.

“There’s no need to say anything. I think we both know…” She said as she drifted off to sleep.

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