House Party

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It was supposed to be a small house party. Some regulars at the resort wanted to do something a little more intimate. Ed suggested his house would be perfect. Secluded, sunny, a great place to soak up some rays in the nude without prying eyes and away from the place we all frequented on warm weekends. It was all that and a little more than I expected.

Most of our crowd had been going to clothing optional places for years. We all knew each other and, for the most part, we socialized and soaked up the sun and the warmth in the hot tub but little else (or so I thought). Ed’s house was very cozy, inviting, yet elegant. The kitchen opened up onto a sun-soaked patio with a hot tub and a vine-covered trellis. Most of the crowd was lounging outside enjoying the sun and liberally massaging sunscreen into each other. This, combined with amply flowing wine produced a, shall we say, heady environment. Clothing optional was quickly giving way to other options.

I had shed my clothes quickly, as I like to do, but now my towel was wrapped around me to cover the bulging curiosity between my legs. I’ve played around over the years. I’ve been in threesomes and once a moresome, but I wasn’t anticipating it this time and felt, well, embarrassed. Ed must have noticed my anxiety. He came over and chatted with me for a while and I began to regain my “relaxed” state. casino şirketleri His wife stopped by and added to my comfort by engaging in some sweet small talk. With all the sexual activity going on it was really difficult to not stare at her sweet round breasts. The nipples seemed to be a perfect pink color and they kept calling to me, softly whispering my name. Suddenly off she went and, much to my surprise, she began kissing our friend Julie like they’d been lovers for years. Once again Ed noticed my surprise and said, “I guess you didn’t get the memo.”

“What memo?” I stuttered.

“This is supposed to be a boy-boy, girl-girl party,” said Ed, much to my amazement.

“I had no idea… I, I, well, I guess I should check my mail more closely,” I stammered.

Ed told me no one would think anything of it if I left. I gave it a moment’s thought, but my adventurous side kicked in and I told him that I was “up” for anything… or so I hoped.

I decided to go back into the house where things were much tamer and just observe for a while. I plopped down into a nice overstuffed chair and took in all the goings on. As a single guy at a clothing optional resort I tried not to view all the naked bodies from a sexual standpoint. We were all just enjoying the freedom from pretension that clothing adds to our lives. Today was more about tension, casino firmaları sexual tension.

My friend Ron, who I’ve regularly sunbathed with for the last three seasons, came up to me and asked if he could sit with me. I noticed his wife off in a corner chatting with another woman. Ron leaned over and told me how much he admired my cock and asked if he could touch it.

“Ahhhhhh…,” was the only response I could muster. Next, I surprised myself and said, “Sure, go ahead, knock yourself out.”

Ron looked straight into my eyes and began to talk about his son’s little league team while he gently began to stroke my, now, semi-hard cock. I was having trouble listening when I noticed Ron’s wife walking up behind him. She slapped him on the shoulder with a giant-sized rubber cock and said, “What’s taking you so long…you’ve been talking about sucking this guy off for ages!”

Ron grinned and then popped my hard cock into his warm mouth like a kid munching a banana. My head popped back and my hands gripped the chair in response to the sensation. “There you go,” she said, “I’m off to find a little pussy to tease.”

“Wow…” I whispered to Ron, who was now licking me like I was a giant candy cane. Ron slowly tongued my hard shaft up and down. One hand was gently squeezing my balls while the other maneuvered my cock back and forth. güvenilir casino Soon he was licking the tip of my cockhead while he gently stroked the shaft up and down. Seeing that I was enjoying his handiwork he sped up and started to go down deeper and deeper. Soon my cock disappeared into his mouth and his middle finger was buried into my ass. My back arched under the pleasure. My eyes shut to the scene.

We were not alone, however. A small group assembled to watch Ron’s expert craftsmanship. Ron’s wife returned with a friend in tow and asked him to share. Ron and Betty began to take turns sucking my cock while Jill, Ron’s wife lubed up her giant rubber cock.

“Oh, no… I whimpered.”

Jill laughed an evil laugh. “Don’t worry,” she said. “This is for my bad boy Ron.”

Just as Ron turned his head to see what was going on behind him he stiffened from the pressure of that monster dildo poking into his ass. “More lube,” he breathed! The crowd squealed with delight and Jill poured it on. Soon, Ron was sucking my cock in rhythm with Jill’s pounding of his ass. All I could do was watch in amusement. Finally I’d had enough. The sight of Betty climbing under Ron to suck him off while he sucked me with Jill at the rear was way too much visual stimulation. I exploded into Ron’s mouth at almost the same instant he came into Betty. We all crumpled into a pile and welcomed the applause and cheers of the crowd.

Ron and I still sunbathe at the club. We all get along great and have much more personal friendships. I just tend to cover my ass whenever Jill’s around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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