Mr. Grant

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Being a freshman in college was a lot harder than I was expecting. My biggest mistake was not researching the teachers before I signed up for their classes. My history teacher wasn’t too bad once you got past the lame jokes he made. My psychology teacher was a sweet lady compared to my English teacher who was a bitter old woman. But the worst was my Statistics teacher who eventually came alive. When I first met Mr. Grant I was intrigued initially. He was very handsome and well dressed, seemed sophisticated, but spoke like a college student. But underneath the surface I could sense that he was deeply hurting. Whatever was causing him grief reflected in his grading. All my projects came back with negative notes and low scores. I could not seem to do anything right. I had spent so much time racking my brains out trying to get good grades in his class that my grades in my other classes were suffering. I decided that I was going to talk to Mr. Grant and see what im doing so terribly wrong. When I reached his office he wasn’t there. I waited around for almost 15 minutes and left. On my way out of the building I ran into him. I stated I needed to see him and he told me to come to his office later tonight around 8. My first though was ” what teacher is at school at 8pm?” but whatever. I had gone back to my dorm room and pondered everything I wanted to say to this guy. I went as far as picking up my psychology book to find some things to say to him. Eight o clock came near and I had casino şirketleri left my room and headed to his office.

“Mr. Grant, I have some things I have to say to you. I’m trying and trying and still you continue to fail me, but you’re not offering any helpful advice.”

“You’re right. I do admit that I have been harsh on you only because I know you can do better work”

“What!! You’re making me go crazy over here because you feel that im not doing my best,” I was angry and lost everything that I had planned on saying, “that’s mean, I can’t believe you would do such a thing.”

Our conversation began to get really heated and I was beginning to feel a little aroused by this. Our voices were loud now and the distance between us got shorter. Before I knew it we were standing toe to toe, me looking up into his eyes and him looking down into mine. His 6’1 frame towered over my 5’4 body. He had gorgeous blue eyes I never noticed until now. Standing so close I could feel the heat radiating between us. To my surprise his lips were coming down upon mine. When our lips met they fused together in angry passion transferring all of our frustration and desire through a kiss. The kiss was amazing I had never felt so much passion from a kiss. His right hand came around my waist and he pulled me into him tightly. With his free hand he reached behind my head to push our lips even closer together. Seeing as how that was my teacher I was kissing I wasn’t casino firmaları sure how far to take things. The kiss felt amazing and I wanted more. I didn’t want him to stop kissing me. My whole body began to tingle and I was getting so hot. While he held me close to his body I began to undue the buttons on my blouse to let him know how hot he was making me. For a moment he stepped back and just gazed at me. In my head I was thinking Oh No, he’s second guessing this. He’s going to tell me to stop and to leave, then I’ll never be able to face him again. DAMN IT Jazmyn!!!! Why did you have to let him kiss you.

He began to move back towards me again bending over slightly to whisper in my ear “They look very nice.”

I smiled and finished unbuttoning my blouse. Our lips met again this time with less intensity as the first kiss. The longer we kissed the more I wanted him. I could feel my pussy becoming wet. I reached up and played with his the buttons on his shirt ripping at them trying to expose his chest. I discarded his shirt on to his chair. His chest was beautiful, smooth and chiseled, and bare with no hair. With my soft womanly hands I rubbed all over his chest. He backed me into his book shelf and then preceded to pick me up. Such strength he had and I could see the muscles in his arms. Mr. Grant definitely worked out often. Our lips parted again then he kissed me all over my neck, licking, sucking, and just breathing his hot breath on me. I was güvenilir casino so turned on at this point I could feel that my panties were damp. I leaned into his ear and whispered ” I want you right now, fuck me!” I unwrapped my legs from around his waist so he could put me down. Next I took my pants and underwear off in haste as did he. There it was his dick fully aroused and hard as a rock. It was a very pretty sight. He kept his pubic hair well groomed and trimmed. And even the color of his dick was just nice and looked so smooth. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. My pussy was throbbing at this point and dying to be clenched around his dick. He picked me up again and pushed me up against the book case. With eagerness he pushed himself inside me and I moaned. It felt so nice. He pumped in and out of me slowly at first then went faster. It was wonderful. Minutes had past and now he had worked up a nice rhythm. My pussy muscles were contracting around his hardness as he fucked me.


“Oh My….” he moaned, unable to say anything else.

The room had gotten very hot and we were both sweating a little. I could feel that I was close to climaxing and I moaned louder. He thrust himself harder and harder into me until he came. I hadn’t yet came but was so close to doing so. He was still hard enough to keep fucking me till I came all over his dick. That had been the best sex I had had in months. Our bodies went numb after coming and we needed to catch our breaths. After that night my grades improved and so did those of the other students in the class. It was out little secret. No one was to ever know that the teacher was having sexual relations with one of his students.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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