My First Love – Again Ch. 04

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~ Hi, everyone! thank you again for reading this story. This is the part many of you requested. I also tried to make it longer this time. Just to let you know, this will be a long story, this s juts the beginning!

As usual, enjoy and if you like this part, rate and comment! I am currently looking for an editor (for grammar etc.), if you are interested send me a mail!

Without further ado, enjoy!

My first love again – Ch 4.

Taylor leaned in, gazing into Nicki’s eyes. She bit her lip in a sensual matter, leaning in closer to Nicki. She whispered:

“You know I can’t” with hesitation and regret in her eyes. The whisper was quiet as though she regretted the words she just spoken. Nicki sensed the tension so she leaned away from Taylor, never breaking eye-contact.

“Lets try it and see were it goes” Nicki blurred out rapidly and without thinking. Taylors eyes glistered and she mouth slightly opened at that blunt remark. Nicki had to get away from her or she was going to go something she might regret.

Taylor looked at Nicki, laughing nervously and looking away for a second, knowing she was part joking and part serious. Taylor stepped away to the counter in the kitchen turning away from Nicki. She needed to hider her face, the lust and embarrassment was showing too well on her face. She could not let Nicki see her like that. After a few more minutes she calmed down and decided on the right thing to do. She went up to her and took the bowl of popcorn form her hands.

“Yeah right like that’s gonna happen” Taylor said quietly walking off into the living room without daring to look at Nicki, because if she did, Taylor would completely get lost in her, without any turning back this time. When Taylor was gone, Nicki sighed, knowing Taylor wanted it as bad as she did.

“Baby, I know you want to” she whispered and went after her, not to close behind.

When Nicki reached the living room Taylor was sitting on the couch, close to Jake and snuggled up against his cheat, tracing circles on his chest with her fingertips. Vincent was sitting on the floor, holding a joystick in his hands, mumbling something under his breath. Nicki smiled, what a perfect family picture. As Nicki walked across the living room to the chair closest to the fireplace she couldn’t help but steal a glance at Taylor. If Nicki could cut Jake out of the picture together with Vincent, that would be great. Her eyes wandered up Taylor’s long, slim legs then slowly up her blouse. Nicki smiled, she loved getting lost in that honey-sweet girl, she wouldn’t mind doing that over and over again. The enchantment lasted for a little too long since she suddenly heard Taylor yell;

“Hey watch out!” Taylor pointed towards Nicki who snapped back into reality quickly. She nearly stepped in the joystick that was now in the floor, and not Vincent’s hands. She gracefully jumped over it and into the chair.

“Thanks” she said to Taylor and to Vincent “Watch where you throw your things around, people can get hurt!” a little louder.

“Yeah yeah” Vincent mumbled then looked up at Jake who smiled and took Taylor back into his arms. Vincent snorted.

“Dude, what about that challenge?! Are you chickening out? Easy win for me then” Vincent exclaimed.

“Ha, I’m just getting wanted up, give me that!” he snapped as he pointed towards the joystick and Vincent throw it to him with a fast motion, Jake catch it swiftly. Taylor moved aside as Vincent popped down at the couch beside Jake terribly excited about the game that was about to begin soon.

Taylor sighted, as she moved out of the way, her eyes glanced at Nicki as she stood up then went into the kitchen to refill the candy bowl which was now empty. Taylor didn’t know that Nicki was right behind her. When the boys asked were she was going she made a fast excuse about the bathroom then followed Taylor in her heels, like a puppy or in her case horny girlfriend soon to become something more, hopefully. As those delighted thoughts ran thought Nicki’s mind together with Taylor’s various pictures bahis firmaları flashing by, Nicki noticed that Taylor put down the bowl and looked at her.

“Listen, I like “this” she said pointing first at her then at Nicki. Then she continued: “As long as Jake or Vincent doesn’t find out, I’m fine with it, so please…” Taylor begged as she closed in on Nicki, she took her hand in hers as she smiled a sweet smile, she leaned in slowly, never breaking eye contact with Nicki, she whispered:

“…Please stop being so darn hot and attractive or I’ll go crazy” Taylor leaned in a little further, touching only Nicki’s lips slightly, not even brushing against them, leaving Nicki hungry for more of the sweet taste.

At first Nicki was still, hypnotized, wishing for more. Then she came back slowly, treasuring the moment, and wondering in amazement how many times today this beauty would make her heart skip a beat when being near her. Nicki caught her breath as she collected her thoughts then breathed out slowly.

“Huh? You are?” She looked puzzled, not knowing if Taylor was playing with her or not, maybe she was serious? Suddenly she heard Taylor trying to resist a laugh. She couldn’t and busted out in a loud and cheerful laugh.

“Oh man you are really gullible, tsk tsk, payback for before!” Taylor screamed as she rushed back into the living room hoping Nicki wouldn’t kill her. But Nicki beat her to it.

“Darn you!” Nicki was head in heal behind her as Taylor giggled and rushed up and into the sofa trying to hide from Nicki behind Jake. “Get back here, girl” Nicki said as Taylor laughed even harder.

“Protect me Jake, she will tickle me to death” Taylor said loudly as Nicki tried to reach her, but with no luck.

“Get her, I wouldn’t mind seeing some girl on girl action again” Jake said sarcastically; without turning his head as he never paid much attention to the girls. He was busy being engulfed by the video game. Both Nicki and Taylor, stopped. Taylor had a shocked expression on her face, while Nicki blushed deeply.

“YOU PERVERT!” they screamed in union as they exited the room fast. What only took a spit of a second make the boys press “pause” and reflect on the moment. The boys looked at each other in surprise, then at the girls’ backs which stormed upstairs.

“What did I say wrong?” Jake asked, Vincent shook his head and smiled.

“Jake dude you are so screwed, you got both of them mad, get ready for hell this weekend” Vincent smiled and started the game again, which he a moment ago put on pause, shaking his head.

“Oh boy” Jake said as he though about what Vincent could mean by hell, knowing it could be nothing good at all. He left the thought in his mind as he as well as Vincent returned to the screen of the TV and the game. Thinking nothing more of hell; and all its possible meanings for the future that it held.

As Taylor and Nicki stormed up to the room, Taylor’s steps got harder against the carpet, thumping as she ran. Nicki knew she had to be extra careful with her words, so she wouldn’t say anything to get Taylor even more mad.

“God, he is so stupid sometimes!” Taylor suddenly exclaimed as she stopped at the door to her and Vincent’s bedroom, without waiting for an answer from Nicki she flung the door open and threw herself on the bed; without caring that she landed on some pillows. Nicki came and softly sat beside her, knowing how dangerous and bad the situation could turn out. Both of them on the bed, this was going to be bad! But right now her hormones weren’t important; they didn’t matter, she knew she needed to comfort her friend. She looked at Taylor and suddenly the though of thinking clear was impossible, she could only think about her and Taylor in bed together. Darn, she quickly tried to push those thoughts a side as she looked at Taylor who was smiling back at her and was now stretching out on the bed. My God, she was beautiful!

“Boys are so stupid some times, don’t mind him, I bet he didn’t even mean it, you know he really…” Nicki stopped talking kaçak iddaa as Taylor sat up, on the bed. She was closing in to her; somehow she had a seductive smile on her lips. Taylor was leaning in closer to Nicki, in an Nicki’s heart stopped. She drew in her breath slowly as the mental pictures flew by inside her mind again, Taylor with less and less clothes for every second, she shook her head. She tried to ignore the need for ravishing this beauty and the need for a mind-blowing orgasm.

“What?” She asked quickly as her heart beat faster. Suddenly it hit her, Taylor was going or wanted to… kiss her? WHAT? Taylor was going to kiss her? Nicki felt the heat rise in her body and her hand begun to shake from excitement. Darn hormones. Nicki tried to control herself. Tried to keep calm and be logical, of course Taylor was not going to kiss her. Right? Because if she did… well, lets just say Nicki would not be able to hold back anymore.

“Nothing, nothing at all” Taylor replied in a low voice as she pushed Nicki down on the bed, lightly tugging on her shirt simultaneously, trying to unbutton it with shaking fingers. Taylor was nervous, or maybe she felt equally excited as Nicki. Taylor was leaning over her smiling. Nicki felt unsure for a moment until the lust and need for Taylor took over. She put her hands on Taylor’s hips pulling her closer until their bodies nearly met. Grasping her bottom with her hand and firmly squeezing her ass cheeks. Blood pumped faster together with the adrenaline in Nicki’s body making her even more nervous, she who wanted this for so long, was scared. Nicki opened her mouth to say something, apparently unimportant because as soon as Taylor smiled the words were quickly forgotten. Dryness formed in her mouth, breathing slowed, heat increased between the girls. Taylor leaned closer and whispered in a low voice, in Nicki’s ear;

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t… not anymore” her voice was shaking.

“I want you, I need you so bad right now” she added with a moan at the very end.

And then Taylor kissed Nicki. The kiss was slow at first; Taylor was trying out her limitations. Then the force became more intense, more daring, and more passionate as their tongues met. Taylor let her tongue dance around with Nicki’s, she explored the unknown forbidden territory, the girls got lost in each other, kissing, letting their hand wander on their bodies. Nicki got hotter and wanted Taylor more and more by every second passing. She massaged Taylor’s breast through her blouse, the action made Taylor moan from pleasure, a reaction she could not withhold any longer.

“Oh God” Taylor squirmed at Nicki’s action. Her senses buzzed but her body knew exactly what to do. She couldn’t get enough of Nicki, slowly her fingers brushed over the collar of her shirt, moving her fingers to the buttons she tried to undo the last buttons with difficulty. Her fingers slipping, not getting a grip of them properly she sighed. Nicki laughed slightly at Taylor’s arousal, pulling her face closer, kissing her lips lightly.

“Here, I’ll help you” she whispered softly as she took Taylor’s hands in hers. Her hands worked quickly as she undid her own shirt and revealed her pink lace bra, Taylors eyes widened as her mind went blank. Just the sight of her best friend’s underwear made her want to cum.

“Wow, that’s so sexy, you did all that just for me?” Taylor said under her breath. She swallowed hard. She hesitated for a short while then asked leaning in closer to Nicki.

“Undress me, sweetie, I want you to touch me, I want your hands all over me.”

Nicki moaned, without hesitation she hands wandered up Taylor’s blouse, caressing her with every stroke. Hearing Taylor moan made her actions bolder, in circular motion her hands caressed then cupped her breasts, Taylor pressed her body closer to Nicki’s hands, trying to get more of her. Not wanted to go to fast Nicki found Taylor’s mouth, unlike before her kisses were sweet and tender, not rushed and forceful. Nicki wanted Taylor so bad but she knew Taylor loved kaçak bahis her boyfriend and she loved her. Nicki stopped abrupt. Trying to sit up, but without luck. Taylor pinned her down to the bed again, making it unable for her to move.

“Didn’t you hear me, sweetie?” Taylor wouldn’t give up now that she finally was ready for Nicki. Nicki whimpered, her voice was soft.

“Taylor, boys are downstairs..” she managed to stutter without finished her sentence Taylor kissed her hard, as to protest.

“I don’t care” she said in-between kisses.

Nicki tried again to stop Taylor.

“Taylor, are you sure?” Nicki asked, the question made Taylor stop. She looked up at Nicki, her expression was hard to read, confusion mixed with lust and arousal. Taylor didn’t answer instead she buried her face in Nicki’s cleavage inhaling the scent. She let the emotions of doubt out of her mind. In small motions she started to lick the flesh close to the hem of the bra, Nicki moaned at the touch and gave in. Her hands got tangled up in Taylor’s hair pulling her closer to her. She closed her eyes and throw her head back into the bed, giving Taylor more access to her skin. Taylors hand moved up her body and slid underneath her bra, she pinched her left nipple between her fingertips making Nicki cry out loud. Nicki was so close. Her breath got heavier and her mind started to cloud. The feeling of euphoria and numbness run though her body, she couldn’t hold back anymore, and let her body take over.

“I’m.. I’m..” words rushed, panting. And then it was too late, her world went blank as the orgasm ran over her body, she came so hard it was almost painful. She could only moan, although every sound came out muffed and out of breath from her lips. Taylor kept caressing her body and licking her neck, planting soft kisses along her collarbone as Nicki came down from her high slowly. Taylor smiled as she saw Nicki calming down and opening her eyes. Nicki’s hands were still tangled in Taylor’s hair.

“Oh God, wow” Nicki managed to whisper smiling.

“Your so cute when you cum” Taylor whispered kissing her friend, touching her breast through the fabric of her bra.

Taylor withdrew her hands and let Nicki get some air, instead caressing her cheek. Taylor knew this was where she wanted to stay forever; nothing else mattered more right now. Nicki sat up, her clit still thumbing from her orgasm, her body was hot and her breath panting, she leaned over to Taylor and kissed her slowly, lovingly.

“Your amazing sweetie, I didn’t know you had it in you” she grinned, lacing her fingers with Taylor’s.

“I know, my mad skills” Taylor laughed softy.

The girls where so busy with each other they didn’t notice the doorknob turn nor did they notice a figure with a hoodie stand in the doorway. Taylor broke the kiss opening her eyes and looking up she saw the person in the doorway. That hoodie belonged to Jake! Just the thought of Jake seeing them like this.. for him to see his beloved girlfriend her best friend was heart-breaking for Taylor. Her body became numb, stiff and motionless, her mouth dried out. Her eyes became filled with salty tears and she had difficulty swallowing. This was really the end of their relationship!

“Oh God, wha-” was all she could exclaim. Nicki turned her attention to the door. Her eyes widened and she tried to cover herself up with a pillow.

“Wait, this is not what you think I swear!”

Jake, let me explain! Jake, Jake! Taylor wanted to scream until her lungs gave out. Because Nicki was just a mistake, right? She did not mean anything to Taylor, because she loved Jake! Right? That right, Jake is her love, and she would not ever love anyone else beside him! If she could keep Jake by her side she would do anything, even break it off every piece of contact with Nicki. Because Nicki was just fooling around with her, right? Taylor did not know what to do or say, she wished Jake could forgive her and move on.

The person at the door just stared, not lifting the gaze to look at them both. Taylor assumed the sounds were enough. With fear she anticipated the worst outcome possible…


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