My Neighbor’s Daughter

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I live in the suburbs; one would almost say the country but near enough the city that either description will do. My next-door neighbor’s house is far enough away I really can’t see their house except from my bedroom window. If I stand right at the window I can look over and see their swimming pool and the surrounding area. Also when I am doing yard work in my field I can look over and see the area by the pool where the lounges are set up. My neighbor’s house is modest, but they splurged on a pool and deck that makes their intimate home a comfortable oasis. Though it’s only open in the late spring and summer it’s enough. My kids having moved away a few years ago after college after my wife passed away. It too is modest but does not have a pool. I have a few acres of land and that’s enough for me to feel I have an estate.

The year my wife passed my neighbor was in the throes of divorce after finding her husband cheating on her. She had suspected it for a while and even confiding in my wife before she died. So it was natural after my wife passed she would console me. At first she was helpful and there for me to talk too. The subject of sex didn’t come up for almost nine months. It happened quite by accident. I was in my bedroom after getting home from work early, I had just changed clothes and went to the window and happened to glance over at the neighbor’s pool. To my shock and amazement there was Sara, my neighbor, sunbathing topless by the pool.

I couldn’t help myself and I soon was standing at the window stroking a very stiff cock. I would have cum too if her daughter hadn’t come out and plunged into the pool. At that point Sara covered herself and went inside. I too left the window and went downstairs to find something to eat. I made myself a sandwich and went outside to mow the lawn.

Sara noticed I was home early and met me in the field with a smile, wearing her bathing suit with a wrap around skirt.

“You’re home early today, did you want something to drink? I was just getting something for the kids.” She asked.

I smiled as I thought of the scene I had witnessed just a while before and told her I was ok. She noticed my smile and asked me what was wrong but I said nothing, I just smiled more. As she turned to go I looked at her petite ass as she sashayed away and, for the first time in a long time, I had a desire to make love to a woman. She brought drinks to the collection of her daughter’s friends, as I mowed the lawn I thought of her perfect tits.

After mowing the lawn I showered and got myself some dinner. Sara had walked up to my porch by this time, as she had done many evenings before, to chat while her daughter and her friends swam after having had their own cookout before the sun went down. Now Sara had changed to a light colored shirt that for some reason clung to her form and accentuated her curves. We chatted about the weather and other small talk. I think she just came over to flirt with me. She talked about what her life was like now that her divorce was final and I think she was lonely. When the sun was low the girls went inside and Sara excused herself so she could cook dinner.

I found myself daydreaming about Sara most evenings as I went outside to enjoy the fresh air. I did manage to see her sunbathing topless many days if I arrived home early enough. I had my vacation of two weeks coming to me and I didn’t really have anywhere to go so I just stayed home. I am glad I did!

My first day home found my neighbor sunbathing nude! She started early in the morning after her daughter had left for her summer job and thought she was alone. I found myself an area I could see her, one that I hoped she couldn’t see me. I watched for awhile and as the sun bore down and the temperature rose, so did my cock. I slowly stroked it through my pants before I unzipped myself and let my cock loose. The heat must have had an effect on Sara also because she soon had her hand between her legs and I could clearly see her fingers working her pussy. This went on for what seemed like an eternity before I was stroking very fast ready to cum when I was startled out of my pre orgasmic stupor by Sara yelling at me, “Don’t waste blowing your cum all over the tree, come here and I’ll give you a place to put it!”

I was dumbfounded but meekly walked out of the bushes, stiff cock dangling out of my pants, to Sara’s chaise by the pool. Now I could clearly see the shaved lips of her pussy with just a touch of bush on top. Her lips were spread and I could see the glistening of her juices. Her pussy was clearly swollen and red, and not from the sunbathing either. I removed my clothes and knelt down and crawled up between her legs, slid right up and began licking the sweet nectar in her pussy.

I know she was already very turned on so I didn’t take long before I was licking and sucking on her clit. She was moaning quite loud now and I could feel her pussy get wetter as I licked. Soon she was pressing my head deep into her cunt as her orgasm began. I licked for all I was worth until her orgasm subsided and her grip casino oyna on my head loosened.

I stood up and she instructed me to sit on the chair next to her. I sat with my stiff cock pointing skyward, she got up very quickly and sat on my cock. With one quick downward motion I was buried deep into her pussy. She slowly rose and fell as I enjoyed every minute of her pussy’s ministrations on my cock. It had been quite a while since I had sex and even longer since I was even interested.

It didn’t take long before I could feel cum rising in my balls and I warned her I was cumming, expecting her to get off me so I wouldn’t cum in her pussy. But no, she just thrust down on my cock deeper so when I exploded I was deep in her cunt. I emptied year’s worth of semen deep into her. I could feel the cum run out of her pussy even though my still stiff cock was buried deep in her pussy. She collapsed onto my chest and I wrapped my arms around her.

I didn’t know it then but Sara’s daughter April had come back to get something she had forgotten and was watching us. April never let on that she knew and for the next two months, until she went to college, Sara and I went at it every day. Sometimes by the pool, but mostly after I got home from work Sara would come over to my house. April didn’t let on at all, but I found out later that sometimes she would sneak over and watch us through the window if we were fucking downstairs. She would even masturbate while watching us.

Four years went by awfully quick and when April was home during spring break before her graduation I invited her and her mother over for a BBQ. Casually during conversation I asked April what she wanted for a graduation present. She protested that I didn’t have to give her anything, but I said that we had been friends for so long that I wanted to give her something.

I always felt close to Sara and April even though Sara and I only really had a sexual relationship. I knew that because Sara had always, since her divorce, told me that is what she wanted and she dated other men. It seems she got from me what she wanted when she wanted and I was happy with that too. I did not want anything more at that time either. I didn’t date at all, I just threw myself into work and Sara provided a sexual release I needed.

After spring break was over and April headed back to school Sara came over one night. This night was a little different though. She sat on the other couch not next to me, which wasn’t her norm when she came over to fuck. Sara began with;

“April decided what she wanted from you for her graduation gift.”

“Great tell me what and I will go get it tomorrow.”

Sara laughed as she started to tell me the story behind the gift April wanted. It seems April had thought a lot about what she wanted and had a long talk with her mother before she went back to school.

She began by telling me that April had seen us the first summer we began screwing and that she had come home many times from work and snuck up to my backyard to look in the windows and watched us make love. She further explained that April was very turned on by this and had masturbated many times and had fantasized about me. I was shocked but also entranced by this revelation. Sara went on to explain that April had worked very hard during college and was graduating near the top of her class.

Furthermore she had spent most nights studying and didn’t have much of a social life at school. She had even come home during breaks to work and had never lost her virginity.

So I was finding out from her mother that not only was April a virgin but she wanted to me to pop her cherry! The fact that I was fucking her mother didn’t bother her at all and the fact that Sara was all right with it surprised me too. I was a bit dumbfounded, while I had always ogled April and her sexy tight body whenever she was by the pool, I had never thought anything of her except as the cute daughter of my neighbor.

I thought about this for the next few weeks and Sara left me alone, never asking me what I was going to do. In my mind I had already decided that I was going to do it but working out the how was what I was having trouble with.

I needn’t have worried because the weekend after April’s graduation she showed up at my door on Saturday morning. I was just out of bed and not at all prepared when April said;

“So, my mom told you what I wanted for my present, I am here to get my present now!”

I was a bit flustered and could only say, “I wanted it to be a bit more romantic than this, I just got out bed and need a shower.”

April just grasped my hand and led me upstairs to the shower where she removed my robe and striped while I watched. She was gorgeous and as she removed her clothes my cock stirred and I got a very nice hard on. April smiled as she saw that I was getting turned on watching her undress.

She was quite beautiful with large C breasts, perfectly pear shaped without any sag. Her nipples were the size of silver dollars and pink. When I looked at her smiling at me she canlı casino suddenly got self conscious and I could see her blush as she lowered her eyes but made no movement to cover herself. Her legs were crossed but I could see the tiny tuft of hair above her pussy.

We got into my shower together and I lathered up April’s back, then her chest. I ran my hands over her skin slick with soap, my hard on kept poking her and she ran her small hand over my cock, gripping it a little while she enjoyed my hands rubbing her.

When we got out I toweled her dry, wrapped a towel as best as I could around myself and led her into the bedroom. Turning her around I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a deep kiss. She responded with enthusiasm and wrapped her arms around me as both our towels found the floor. This continued for a few minutes before I lay April down on the bed. As I lay next to her one hand caressed her breast and nipple while I continued our deep kiss.

My free hand roamed between her nipples until I could feel them stiffen in my fingers. Then my hand slid slowly across her flat stomach and ran across the small patch of hair above her pussy and I felt her shudder slightly. I continued to kiss April as my fingers parted her pussy lips and I ran a finger up and down her slit. I could feel her wetness as I pushed in slightly. Her lips parted, letting my finger slide into the entrance to her pussy.

I did this until I could feel her pussy getting wetter while my fingers never penetrated beyond her outer lips. I broke our kiss and moved down to kiss and suck first one, then the other nipple. She was moaning softly as I gently licked each hard nipple and tweaked it gently. April was reaching for my hard cock when I gently told her, “This is not about me, so just lie back and enjoy what I am going to do and tell me if anything I do hurts or if you want to stop at anytime and I will, ok?”

She nodded as I kissed my way down to her pussy. I ran my lips gently over her pubic hair as now I could inhale her scent, which was getting stronger as I continued. I moved now and got between her legs so I was able to reach up and fondle her breasts, one in each hand, my mouth was close to her pussy as I kissed my way up her thighs and used my tongue to part her pussy lips.

She gasped as my tongue moved up and across her clitoris. I continued to lick all around her pussy and clit as I could feel her breathing increase and get more labored. I could tell she was enjoying this, as her moaning was getting louder. I was licking her clit with more pressure and I could feel her getting wetter as she flooded my face with her juices. It didn’t take her long before she was moaning, “I’m cumming I’m cumming!”

I slowed my licking as she orgasmed; I could feel her pussy muscles contracting with each wave of pleasure. I got up and was between her legs with my very stiff cock pointing to her very wet pussy when I asked if she was sure she wanted me to do this. She answered;

“Yes put it in now!”

“I have to get a rubber.” But she said, almost pleadingly;

“No I am on the pill just put it in now!”

I rubbed the tip on my cock up and down on her pussy and felt her shudder as the tip of my cock brushed against her clitoris. My cock is a bit wide and when I pressed the tip of my cock into her pussy I felt how tight she was. I pushed slowly but steadily and I finally got the tip into her cunt.

I asked her if it was uncomfortable but she just said keep going, but I could tell she was a little uncomfortable. I continued my onslaught into April’s pussy and soon she was enveloping my girth and length. After what seemed like an eternity, I was all the way in her pussy. I had felt a little barrier after an inch or two and when I pushed though that I could see April wince in a bit of pain, but she begged me to continue. I suspect I had just broken what was left of her maidenhood.

When my cock was all the way in I stopped to let her pussy adjust to my cock invading it. She motioned me to keep going after a few minutes by an almost imperceptible movement of her hips. I slowly began to pull out and then pushed in again. I did this in slow measured paces as I could feel her loosen up then I increased my pace.

Soon I was thrusting in and out of her pussy like I had always done it to her. Her slick pussy enveloped my cock as I slid effortlessly in and out. Soon I could feel the pressure building in my loins, spurred on by the increasingly more vocal April as I fucked her harder and deeper. Her moans became more loud as each thrust seemed to push the breath from her lungs. Her breasts swelled with each pump of my cock and I could see beads of sweat forming on her body as we continued our fucking. April’s eyes were open and when I was close to cumming I watched her roll her head back and close her eyes. I felt her already tight pussy grip my cock even harder and then release it as she moaned orgasmically. Her pussy milked my cock and that brought me over the edge as I flooded her virgin pussy with my cum.

A few more kaçak casino strokes to milk my cock dry and I lay down beside her, my cock, being released from its velvet prison, lay on my leg coated in pink cum. My cum having been mixed with the blood of what was left of her hymen. April instinctively rolled over and laid her head on my shoulder as her leg went over on top of mine. I looked down and saw her closed eyes with an angelic look on her face and watched as her breathing, once rapid began to calm in the afterglow of sex.

April stirred after a few minutes and I went to the bathroom to clean up. She followed and smiled at me as I wiped the bloody cum from my penis. She did the same to herself and found me dressing when she reappeared in the bedroom. We spoke not a word until we were both dressed then she wrapped her arms around my neck and said,

“Thank you, I just loved my graduation present!” then she asked, with a devilish smile on her face, “Can I come back and have my present again?” I of course could only smile and say, “Anytime!”

Little did I know she would be back later on that evening. She came over and knocked softly on my door. I opened it as she smiled and said, “I couldn’t wait any longer, can I come in?”

I could only smile and ushered her into my house. I offered her some wine, which she gladly accepted and we sat in the living room and began to talk. April said she had gone home and her whole groin had been sore so her mother told her to take a warm bath, which she said made her feel better. She went on to explain she felt my cock was still in her pussy all day and it was all she could do to not run right over to see me again. But as she continued talking she said she had enjoyed the whole experience and she was glad that I was her first as we had known each other for years even though I hadn’t ever thought of her sexually until her mother told me what she wanted of me.

April feeling very talkative told me how she had never found the time or the right guy in college to have sex with and she just never thought it was so important that she should have sex just for the sake of doing it. She also told me of the many times she had watched me through the window while I fucked her mother and that she had been very turned on by watching. April said she had masturbated many times to the thought of me fucking her, but the reality was so much better than the fantasies she had.

April then said, “I hope you don’t mind, just thinking about what happened this morning and all the times I watched you and my mom has gotten me really horny again and I want to feel you inside me again.”

I was getting hard just listening to her describe everything, I just listened and asked if she wanted more wine. She nodded yes and I went to get some in the kitchen and also to straighten my pants a bit. I needn’t have bothered because when I arrived back with the wine I found a very naked April sitting on my chair smiling.

When I knelt down in front of her and gently pushed her legs apart I could see her bare pussy lips that hid the treasure within. I bent over to kiss her and then she spoke, “I want to please you too!”

I said, “You pleased me quite a bit this morning you know.”

She softly whispered, “I know but I want to see your penis up close, I have never seen one real close, only felt one in the dark in high school.”

I stood up, removed my pants and pulled my shirt over my head so now I was standing naked in front of her. My cock, semi rigid, was dangling right in front of her face as she reached out and grasped it. She tried to wrap her hands around it but I am a bit wide so while she could grip it her fingers didn’t go quite around the whole girth.

I let her look as she slowly stroked my penis and it was growing visibly in her hands. She stared like a wide-eyed innocent and in no time my cock was at full attention and very hard. She then slowly moved toward me and opened her mouth and enveloped my cockhead in her warm mouth. It was all she could fit in but it felt really good and I told her so. She slowly stroked me while she licked and sucked on my knob. This went on for a few minutes when I noticed that her other hand was now rubbing her own pussy.

I said, “You should let me do that while you suck on my cock.”

She nodded in agreement and we both lay down on the floor. I lay on my back and I guided her legs over my head, her pussy was now inches from my mouth. I pulled her sweet pussy to my mouth and, as I licked her lips, I felt her mouth go over the tip of my cock. She used two hands now to stroke my cock while I began licking all around those sweet lips and delving my tongue into her slit and running it up to her clit.

She seemed to enjoy this and, as I felt her get wetter, I concentrated on her clit. I could hear muffled moans as she voiced her pleasure with a mouthful of cock. I knew she was close to cumming as she was having trouble concentrating on my cock. Her moans got louder and her pussy was now dripping into my mouth. My hands had long since cupped her beautiful breasts and I could feel those nipples getter harder as my fingers pinched them gently. As she began cumming she pressed her cunt harder into my mouth and I kept licking until she moved away.

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