Coming Home to Mother Pt. 03

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I stood there, frozen to the spot in my mother’s bedroom just staring at her voluptuous figure clad in a shiny black skintight latex cat-suit with tight shiny black latex elbow gloves and shiny black ankle boots. Her hair was in a bun and she had a shiny black choker around her throat.

In her hand was a black leather tawse, about eighteen inches long with a polished wooden foot long handle, that she tapped on her thigh while looking at me with disgust.

I couldn’t speak so I waited for her to do so first.

‘My sister! You fucked my sister! Without my permission!’ she let the accusation hover in the silence that followed.

I knew better than to defend myself so I altered my gaze and looked down at the floor.


I slowly took off my polo shirt and placed it on a chair. I unbuttoned my chino’s and slipped them down and off placing them along my shirt. I pulled off my socks, having left my shoes in the kitchen then with a deep breath I edged down my underwear and along with the socks threw them on the chair.

Mother walked up to me and took my semi hard cock in her hand and started to slowly stroke it.

‘You seem a little nervous Henry. You should be. Your punishment will be extremely painful and I will then break you further. Lie on the bed, face down and stretch out your arms and legs to each corner.’

I complied and soon my wrists and ankles were tied tightly to the bed.

She took hold of two white silk bolster pillows and stuffed then under my groin which caused my bottom to lift up.

Mother then climbed between my legs and reached over to my head.

‘Open wide Henry. I don’t want to hear you scream.’

A red rubber ball gag was placed in my mouth and buckled tightly behind my head. I struggled to breathe through my nose as drool escaped the sides of my mouth.

I felt her climb off the bed and she must have taken hold of the tawse as she drew it across my bare bottom making me flinch as the cool leather came into contact with my skin.

She trailed it between my thighs and dragged it slowly up to my balls making me gasp. She did this several times which also made me moan and squirm on the bed.

I felt her hand slipping between my legs as she grasped my now hard cock slowly stroking it until she was sure I was fully erect.

The first stroke of the leather tawse was so agonizingly painful it knocked the breath out of me. The pain soared through my behind and up through my body until I screamed into the rubber gag.

‘Ngghh, ngghh!’ I howled shaking my head side to side.

My mother ignored me and brought down the second blow on another part of my arse. Again I screeched as the pain grew.

She then started to hit the tops of my thighs. That was worse as the leather throngs on the tawse bit into the inside of my thigh and nicked my balls.

I thought I was going to pass out.

She kept on beating me to such an extent I stopped screaming, my throat dry and then I could only groan helplessly in pain.

When she thought she’d done enough to punish me she put down the tawse and undid my ball gag.

‘Have you had enough?’ she asked. ‘Do you realise the extent I will go to to punish you if you ever do something like that again?’

I could only sob and nod my head in confirmation.

She went to a drawer and pulled out a couple of bottles and poured the contents of one on my inflamed and very sore bottom.

‘This will soothe the pain a little,’ she said as she spread it all over. I moaned in relief as her rubber clad hands covered every inch of my naked bottom and thighs with the lotion.

I heard her go into her bathroom then when she returned I felt some sort of sticky lubricant being poured down the crack of my arse. It felt cold and made me gasp.

She walked to the side of the bed and I groaned when I saw what she was wearing.

Around her hips was an eight inch strap-on cock in shiny black rubber that looked extremely very lifelike.

‘I told you I would give you things you would crave for ever more well this is one of those things Henry. I’m going to fuck you and I’m going to fuck you very hard!’

‘No Mother, please not this. Please I don’t think I can…..’

‘Be quiet Henry. You are in no position to plead. But you are in the position to be fucked,’ she chortled.

She knelt between my legs and I could feel her latex clad fingers trace down the crack of my arse as they stroked over my little hole. I moaned so she did it again and again until I was once again squirming on the bed. Suddenly she inserted her middle finger all the way inside me. I let out a long moan as she finger fucked my arse.

I groaned even louder when she added a second.

‘Mother, please. Don’t. Arrgghh! I cried as she buried a third finger inside my gaping hole. After a while of pushing and stretching me she pulled out and I could feel cool air where her fingers had been.

She got up and walked to the side of the bed again. Picking up a bottle of lube she poured a good amount in her shiny black rubber fist and started to coat the casino şirketleri dildo as if it was her own cock.

‘Nice and wet Henry so it slides into you easily,’ she stated.

She looked at me as she lubed up the fake phallus. ‘Do you think you’ll like Mummy fucking you in the arse Henry? Will you beg me for more? I intend to fill your dirty hole with my cock Henry. I do hope you approve of me doing it to you as I get so turned on knowing I’m fucking my own little boy up his arse.’ She cackled as she taunted me.

I just stared as she masturbated the fake cock. When she was satisfied it was oiled enough she got back on the bed and knelt between my open thighs.

Then I felt the slippery head of the strap-on nudge my hole. ‘Please Mother. Oh God!’ I cried as she pushed and the head of her cock penetrated my sphincter. Luckily the pain was bearable so she thrust forward and another couple of inches slid into me. I was practically hyperventilating by now so she rested and let me get used to the intrusion in my back passage.

She pushed further and more fake cock penetrated me. I was tied down and helpless as my mother raped my arse.

Soon I felt the cool of her latex thighs on mine and I knew she was all the way in.

She leaned down and whispered, ‘Now I’m going to fuck you,’ and gently bit my ear. I moaned as she started to move in and out of me slowly. The pain having totally disappeared was replaced by electric pleasure as her cock grazed over my prostate.

By the time she was frantically fucking me my cock was rock hard and pushing into the silk pillows underneath me.

‘Oh God!’ I cried as I knew I wasn’t too far away from cumming and so did my mother so she fucked me harder and faster.

‘I’m…I’m….Oh fuck!’ I groaned and I had the most intense orgasm of my life as I sprayed my cum all over the bedding.

Mother stayed in me for a couple of minutes to allow me to register what had just happened. My own mother had fucked my arse to orgasm.

She slowly pulled out and unbuckled the strap-on and walked into the bathroom.

When she returned she was naked except for her long latex gloves.

She untied me and forced me onto my back before laying down beside me.

She stroked my body with her shiny tight gloves and soon my cock was hard and throbbing.

‘Time to thank Mummy don’t you think Henry?’

I crawled between her thighs and ate her pussy to orgasm before moving on top of her and sliding my cock deep inside her.

‘Don’t just fuck me Henry, make love to me,’ she said as she wrapped her long legs around my back.

For the next thirty minutes we kissed and stroked each others body as we made love like lovers and soon we were cumming together at the same time.

We lay beside each other, Mother’s head on my chest as we stayed silent taking in all that had happened.

‘I’m going for a shower,’ she said. ‘I expect you to do the same if you want to sleep with me tonight!’

After our showers we slept naked, entwined for the rest of the night.

I woke up beside my already awake and still naked mother.

‘Good morning darling,’ she said, ‘Did you sleep well?’

I told her I had slept really well.

She moved closer to me and slid into my arms.

‘Make love to me again Henry?’ she asked laying back and opening her thighs.

I repeated what I had done the previous night and soon we were both totally spent.

I began to wonder where she was going with this and she must have read my mind.

‘Henry, I do love you and I want us to be together as I know you crave female dominance and I will provide that for you in many ways. I don’t want you running off again or finding it with some stranger so while we can be intimate like now I will still dominate you when I desire to. Do you understand?’

‘I think so Mother,’ I replied although I was slightly unsure how it would play out.

I didn’t have to wait long.

The next day being Sunday I had plans to just lay around the house but after lunch Mother told me to shower and come back to the sitting room wearing just a robe.

I didn’t ask questions and duly reported back to her.

I was shocked to see a heavy hard backed wooden chair on its own in the middle of the room.

‘Strip and sit!’ she commanded.

She pulled my wrists behind the chair and secured them using a pair of her old stockings to the back then did the same with my ankles tying them to the front legs.

She then proceeded to blindfold me with a silk scarf.

‘Mother wha…?’

‘Do not speak until I tell you that you can. Do you understand?’ she said severely. I nodded.

She began to stroke my cock very gently bringing me to hardness but not letting me cum. I groaned and nearly begged for her to let me climax but I remembered the no talking rule and remained silent apart from the occasional moan.

I heard the doorbell ring and felt Mother stand then go to see who was there. I hoped whoever it was would soon be dismissed so we could get on with what we were doing.

I heard two sets casino firmaları of heels on the wooden floor approaching and I panicked but realised I was tied tight and couldn’t escape.

I heard a woman gasp. ‘Oh Celia. It is a beautiful cock. You are so lucky.’

I thought I recognised the voice of the well spoken lady but I couldn’t put a name or a face to it.

I heard my mother speak. ‘Well enjoy it but you will not say anything to anybody about this. Do you understand?’

‘Good God yes. I wouldn’t want it to get out either. I’m a respectable married woman!’ stated the woman.

‘I doubt you are going to be respectable in a few minutes,’ my mother laughed.

I felt someone walking to wards my chair and flinched slightly as a woman’s hand took hold of my still hard cock.

‘Oh I’m going to have fun with this young man,’ she said in a husky voice.

I felt my cock being enveloped in her moist and warm mouth as this strange woman deep throated me. I moaned as she sucked me to maximum hardness then I heard a rustle of a skirt being pulled up and felt her stocking thighs on either side of my naked legs.

Taking hold of my tool she impaled herself on me.

‘Oh fuck Celia. He is way bigger than my husband. He’s filling me up.’

‘Yes I told you but you wouldn’t believe me,’ my mother stated.

The woman started to use me to fuck herself off on my throbbing cock.

‘Oh God, I’m cumming,’ she screeched after just a couple of minutes as I felt her love juices running down her thighs and onto my legs.

In a few moments she stood up and I was disappointed because I hadn’t cum but then she must have turned round and sank back down on me as I felt her bottom push against my stomach. She started to ride me again but then I felt her lean back onto my chest and I could sense she was rubbing her clitoris as her breathing became heavier. Suddenly she eased up and my cock came out of her pussy. I was close to cumming and let out a groan of despair.

I felt her grasp my cock again but this time she was seeking out another hole. She gently eased herself down on me taking her time to enable me to fill her arse.

‘God, you are such a slut Marjory!’ my mother cried. Marjory?

Oh my God it was Marjory Simpson my mother’s best friend from her Bridge group. I was the same age as her daughter and a couple of years older than her son.

Mrs Simpson, a straight laced lady that was always prim and proper and here I was fucking her up the arse.

I had regularly fantasized about her. She was about five feet six inches tall, slim figure with nice tits and a peachy bum that was now going up and down on my cock. She had shoulder length curly blonde hair and a very pretty face. She looked the epitome of a ordinary wife and mother.

Fortunately for me she wasn’t acting like one as she was now moaning and groaning with her feet firmly planted on the floor and her bum pistoning up and down on my pulsating and rapidly thickening erection.

She let out a gargled scream as she came and her hole grasped my cock milking me as I shot my cum deep into her arse.

We both sat panting for a minute or so before she pulled off me and then walked into the kitchen with my mother.

They closed the door and I could hear them talking, leaving me with a limp dick and sticky thighs.

Nothing was said about what happened in the days and weeks after. My mother played mind games with me, spanking me, fucking me and at other times being extremely loving towards me.

One morning when I came down to breakfast Mother was already dressed and on her way out.


‘Yes Mother,’ I answered.

‘Would you be a pet and do me a favour?’

‘I will if I can,’ I replied.

‘Well, actually it’s not for me. It’s for my friend Marjory,’ she continued. ‘She has a problem with her plumbing and needs a strong young man to help her fix it. I said you would help.’

‘Can’t she get her husband to help or even her son?’ I asked.

‘Good God no. Her husband is totally useless and her son is at school. I said you would be there by eleven this morning.’

I sighed and said I would go. I was also a bit worried in case Marjory said anything about what had happened that Sunday afternoon. Still, I got changed and wandered over to her house.

Marjory Simpson opened the door wearing a black shift dress and sensible shoes, she was back to looking and acting like a staid housewife again.

‘Harry, please do come in. Thank you for coming over,’ she enthused.

I followed her into her sitting room and she offered me a cup of tea which I politely declined.

‘What seems to be the problem Mrs Simpson?’ I asked.

‘Oh! Oh yes. Follow me Harry,’ she said as she led me upstairs and bade me enter her bedroom.

‘Would you like to see the new shoes I’ve just bought? She asked out of context.

‘Er…yeah sure,’ I replied out of courtesy.

She reached into a wardrobe and pulled out a shoe box then opened it and pulled out a pair of four inch shiny black high heels.

‘Do you like güvenilir casino them Harry?’

‘Er…yeah they look…’

‘They’re not too tarty are they. They do look a lot better on,’ and with that she sat on the bed to remover her flat shoes and replace them with the new heels.

She stood back up. ‘What do you think now Harry?’ I had to admit they were a lovely pair of shoes but I refrained from saying they were actually very sexy too as my cock had already started to grow.

‘They look very nice with my new outfit too.’ she said as she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

There in front of me was my mother’s best friend and a married forty two year old mother of two dressed in a tight black shiny satin basque with silky black stockings held up by four suspenders on each thigh.

‘Well what do you think Harry?’ she said in the same husky voice she’d used that day.

I couldn’t say anything. I just stared.

‘Do you like my underwear Harry? She walked towards me. ‘I think you do!’ she said as she rubbed my hard cock through my jeans.

‘Get undressed Harry. I need this to sort out my plumbing.’

She unbuckled my jeans and slid them and my underpants to the floor and off. My shirt was next and she was leading me naked to the bed.

‘I know you know it was me that Sunday. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did,’ she said straddling my thighs and taking my throbbing cock in her hand and guiding it to her pussy lips.

‘Oh God Harry, you are so big,’ she squealed as she skewered herself on me.

‘I need you to fuck me Harry. My husband is screwing his secretary and hasn’t touched me in months. When I confessed to your mother that I was so frustrated she told me about your gorgeous cock and I had to have it.’

She went on to tell me she was divorcing him for adultery as she writhed on top of me which I found quite ironic.

‘So when your mother allows it Harry I get to fuck you!’

She was panting heavily now and suddenly she went rigid, let out a scream and came all over my thighs.

She pulled my cock out of her sopping wet pussy and got on her hands and knees on the bed. She took me in her mouth and licked and sucked me back to full hardness.

Turning around to face away from me she said, ‘I love anal sex. My useless other half won’t consider it. Can you imagine, a man not wanting to fuck his wife up the arse Harry? She looked back over her shoulder and begged me to fuck her so I knelt behind her and eased my already slick cock up against her hole as I applied pressure until the head penetrated her sphincter.

‘Oh fuck,’ she cried.

I carried on pushing and soon my cock was buried up to the hilt.

‘Come on Harry, fuck me. Fuck my cute bum and spray me with your cum.’

I cautiously started to fuck her. Slowly at first then increasing my thrusts. She was very tight and the feelings that her snug anus were giving me were incredible.

Her dirty talk was turning me on and soon I was ready to blow my load.

‘Oh God, yes! I’m cumming Harry. I’m cumming. Aarrggh,’ she cried before I pulled out and blasted my own cum all over her cute curvy bottom.

She sank down on the bed next to me panting, both of us in a post coital haze.

Marjory went into the bathroom to fetch a damp towel to clean us both with.

She got back on the bed, put her arms around my neck and started to kiss me. Softly at first them more passionately using her tongue in my mouth.

‘Do you like me Harry?’

I explained I thought she was gorgeous and sexy and that I even used to fantasise about her.

‘Do you know my daughter?’ she asked. I said I didn’t know her to talk to but I had seen her around.

‘Do you think she’s pretty?’

I told her I could see where she gets her beauty from and that yes she was very pretty.

‘Hmmm, why don’t you marry her then I will be your mother in law and I can fuck you any time I want,’ she said. I wondered if she was joking.

My cock reacted to that as well as her ministrations with her fingers on my cock and balls.

‘I need you in me again. Get on top and fuck me,’ she ordered.

By the time I got home I was shattered. I had a long shower and was relaxing on the sofa when Mother came back home.

‘Did you manage to sort out Marjory’s plumbing?’ she asked with a grin on her face.

‘I think you know I did,’ I answered curtly knowing I’d been set up by my devious mother.

‘Why don’t you come upstairs and tell me all about it,’ she said nicely but with meaning.

In no time I was naked on my back with my mother dressed only in grey hold up stockings riding my cock as I regaled her of the afternoon activities.

It was soon my birthday weekend so on the Friday, the day before my twentieth birthday I went out with a few of my mates. It was a really good night and the next morning I was a tad hungover.

Mother had a day planned for me and I wasn’t getting out of it. By two o’clock in the afternoon after clothes shopping for us both I was flagging a bit.

‘I know what will bring you around,’ she said. ‘Come on, let’s go for a Spa Day.’

I didn’t have the energy to complain and so I found myself sitting in the sauna of an upmarket spa with a big fluffy towel wrapped around my waist sweating out the alcohol.

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