Grease Monkey Business Pt. 02

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Julie and Red are back for more.


I came home after a long day at work, and pulled my car into my driveway. There, sitting to the left, was a car that had become a very familiar sight.

Very familiar, and very welcome.

It was Julie’s Mustang, and told me immediately that my gorgeous girlfriend was here.

We had become quite attached to each other. I suppose that our first ‘date’… which lasted two days and ended with a race victory for her, and a very pleasant private celebration for both of us… was hardly a normal beginning to a relationship.

So much the better.

It had been a couple of months since that fateful event. Quite early, I had offered my garage to Julie for her pet project, a 1970 Chevelle SS. My motivation was twofold. The first was, of course, Julie herself. I’m not stupid. I knew that any opportunity to have her close by might end with getting more time with her in my bed, and that idea I loved.

The second was the car. I mean, really… a 1970 Chevelle SS? Arguably the ultimate in classic Detroit muscle. The chance to see one come back to life in my garage, under Julie’s skilled hands, was too good to pass up.

Safely parked, I turned off my car, and got out. My gaze fell on the garage door, wondering if that was where I’d find her. Most likely, yes, but part of me hoped she was waiting, naked, in my bedroom. You can guess which part.

Entering the house, I dropped my keys on the kitchen counter, and went to look for her. I started with the bedroom, just in case, but found it empty. It was only impatience that led to the mild disappointment I felt. She was here, and we’d be in this room at some point tonight, enjoying each other fully.

Next stop, the garage, which is probably where I should have started. Opening the door, I found her feet sticking out from under the front of the Chevelle. A metallic ‘clunk’ greeted my ears.

“Hi Gorgeous,” I smiled, peeking over the edge of the fender, and looking down into her eyes. There was no engine in place right now. It would be coming, in a box, when she was ready for it.

“Hi, honey,” she smiled back, and rested the wrench she had been using on her chest. She was wearing a tank top, with was stretched tight across her boobs, and the wrench slipped off. She collected it again, this time placing it under the shirt, in the valley between her tits. It stayed put, and I laughed.

“Baby, you really put the ‘rack’ in ‘rack and pinion’,” I added.

Julie chuckled back, and slid out from under the car. When she stood up, the wrench was still holstered in her cleavage.

“Lucky wrench,” I said, and leaned in for a kiss. She carefully avoided touching me with anything that might be greasy, but I still felt the firm swell of her chest making contact.

“Are we eating in, or out tonight?” she asked, wiping her hands, and ignoring the obvious innuendo.

“Let’s go out,” I suggested.

“Okay. Let me have a shower, and we can go,” she smiled, wiping ‘boob wrench’ with a rag, and putting it back in its empty slot in her toolbox.

I eased closer behind her, and wrapped my arm around her waist. A nuzzle of her neck made her moan.

“Of course, you could also join me in the shower, and we could go for a later dinner, after we have fun in bed,” she breathed. I nuzzled her again, and brought my free hand around to cup her breast. A gentle squeeze caused another moan. “Or, we could just get down and dirty, right here.”

Down and dirty sounded great, but here in the garage, the dirty might be a little too… Dirty. Joining her in the shower, on the other hand, sounded like good clean fun. I opted for that. Julie led us inside, shaking her tight booty at me as she went.

That firm butt of hers was clad in jeans that redefined the term ‘tight’. I followed that butt, brushing garage floor dust off it as we went, and caressing the sexy curves selfishly. She paused to kick off her shoes by the door, allowing me to wrap my arms around her from behind again. She sighed, and leaned back against me, allowing me to grope her chest.

“How was your day, honey?” she asked, while I fondled her full breasts, feeling her nipples tightening into excited points.

“Boring. Same as usual,” I replied, kissing her neck. “How was yours?”

“About the same, just dirtier,” she giggled, turning in my embrace. Her lips found mine. We had only made it a few feet, before getting distracted by each other. At this rate of travel, dinner might be breakfast.

“Does that make you a dirty girl?” I asked, palming her breasts.

“I think so,” she smiled. “Am I dirty enough for your tastes?”

“Uh huh,” I nodded, looking down at her chest, where her nipples now formed distinct bumps. “Just dirty enough.”

“Well, I’m dirty, and hungry,” she said, kissing me again. “Let’s get to it, so we can eat sometime today.” Turning again, she took my hand and steered me through the house, and into bahis firmaları the bathroom. She opened the glass door to the shower, and started the water.

I was watching her in the mirror, and she was watching me watching her. A happy smile tickled her plump lips, while I moved to hold her again, putting my hands on her hips. I grasped the bottom edge of her snug, white tank top, and peeled it upward, causing her to lift her arms over her head. Once it was off, I tossed it aside, and moved back to her waist, unsnapping her jeans. They presented more of a challenge to remove than her top had, but I was able to skin them down her long legs, kneeling behind her as I did. She stepped out of them, then allowed me to roll her socks off her pretty feet.

Being down there, and having her sexy ass so close to face level, I was compelled to nibble at her cheeks, which were barely covered by a tiny pair of baby blue panties. Julie giggled, and squirmed, but didn’t push me away.

“That tickles!” she hissed. I answered by grabbing the waistband of the panties with my teeth, and tugging them down, baring her ass for more kisses. I worked my way back up her body, standing behind her, and looking into her eyes in the mirror.

“Just one more piece,” she smiled, slipping a thumb under the shoulder strap of her bra. I swatted her hand away, then kissed her neck.

“My job,” I told her, sliding my hands up from her waist. “I’ll take care of it.”

For a girl with such non-female tastes in career and hobby, she certainly did dress like a girly-girl under her clothes. The bra in question was very lacey, feminine, and matched the panties. It held her huge breasts up, and apart, presenting that fabulous cleavage for my viewing pleasure.

“You really are beautiful,” I sighed, nudging the straps off her shoulders. The weight of her breasts pulled the bra lower, letting her nipples peek out over the lacey edges of the cups. I rolled the garment down, baring her breasts completely. “So sexy. My goddess of the wrench.”

Steam was filling the bathroom, and blocking my view in the mirror, but Julie turned to face me, so I could watch her breasts sway in front of me. She undid my tie, slipped it off around my neck, and unbuttoned my shirt, leaving me to remove it. Her lips pecked at my chest, while her hands wrestled my belt open, then my pants. Soon, I was down to my underwear, bulging with arousal. She knelt, and peeled them down, letting my penis spring out.

“In the shower, please,” she breathed, unhooking her bra and tossing it on the counter. I stepped in and grabbed the soap, lathering it quickly in anticipation of her joining me. The water was warm, and welcoming, just like the kiss that greeted me when she slipped into my arms.

We were in no rush. Julie snuggled into my chest, letting me soap her back, from her strong shoulders to her cute caboose. I can’t believe she enjoyed receiving my attention any more than I enjoyed providing the service, since her smooth, wet skin felt so good in my hands. She turned in my arms, using her soapy body to apply lather to mine, in an efficient cooperative effort. Her ass brushed against my stiff dick, attracting her hand.

“I’ll wash this,” she moaned, stroking me behind her back.

“I’ll wash these,” I replied, lathering her huge tits. I squeezed them gently, feeling the resilient flesh slip through my fingers. Her nipples stiffened, standing taller. We stayed like this, softly pleasing each other, and moaning our enjoyment.

“Will you wash my hair?” she asked, ducking under the spray. “I’ll make it worth your while?”

I would have done it anyway, but that last sentence sealed the deal. I just had to know what she meant by ‘making it worth my while’.

Julie turned her back to me, letting me drizzle shampoo down the back of her head. I worked it through her long, luxurious tresses, while she leaned against the shower wall. After a minute or so, massaging it into her scalp, she turned, smiled, and began to kneel before me. Her lips brushed across the head of my cock, and she sucked it in. Finally, she took my hands, and put them back on her head.

The message was clear; she’d suck my cock, for as long as I washed her hair.

Her hair was going to be sooooooooo clean!

Julie bobbed her head slowly, sucking my dick deep into her mouth, while I gathered her fully lathered hair atop her head, massaging the mass and her scalp with both hands. She was moaning softly, enjoying my hair-washing skills, perhaps as much as I was enjoying her cocksucking talents, although I doubt it. I think I was getting the better end of this trade.

The water splashing off my body was rinsing away some of the lather from her head, threatening to end my fun before I had my fun, so I squirted more shampoo onto her head, and worked it in. Julie simply sat there on her haunches, hands braced on her thighs, letting me wash her hair and fuck her mouth. I was intently watching her breasts swaying with my thrusts, kaçak iddaa little rivers of spray cascading off her stiff nipples as they swung. It was very unique, and very exciting.

Every time the suds on her head were depleted, I repeated the application. Lather, suck, repeat. It was having the expected result.

“Oh, Julie, honey, that’s so good. Your mouth is magic,” I groaned, thrusting a little faster. “I’m getting close, honey. In your mouth, or on your tits?”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, making no motion toward her chest. I took that to mean ‘mouth’, and pumped my shaft between her sucking lips faster. “Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” she sighed, urging me on.

“Oh, fuck, just a little more, baby,” I grunted. “Just a little more… oh, fuck… oh fuck, yeah, baby, here it cums! Here it cums! GNNAAAHHHHHN!”

Julie pulled back, grasped my cock with her right hand, and treated me like I was her favourite vanilla milkshake, sucking my straw with long pulls. Her cheeks hollowed, and she gulped down my thick semen. I leaned back against the wall of the shower, and took a deep breath.

“There you go,” she smiled, standing up and tilting her head under the spray. Streams of frothy bubbles ran down her curves, making them seem even more erotic. “I believe we just proved the barter system works!”

“Baby, if you’ll keep doing that, I’ll do anything you want,” I giggled, wrapping my arms around her body. “I do mean ‘anything’, honey.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she said softly, squeezing the water out of her long hair. “Just in case of emergency. I’ll bet you’re hungry now, aren’t you?”

“Yup,” I nodded. She knew me well. I was always peckish after I came.

“Well then, let’s go eat,” she giggled, turning off the water. “You can fuck me later. I don’t need to be up early tomorrow, so we have all night, if you like.”

“I think I’d like that,” I grinned, opening the door wide. She paused to kiss me on the way out.

“Me, too,” she purred.


We sat in the restaurant, tucked into a nice, private booth, in a dark corner of the busy eatery. Julie was looking good enough to eat, dressed casual but sexy; snug jeans down below, while up top, a long-sleeved blouse hung open, showing off her impressive breasts, cradled in a sexy pink bra, which peeked over the scooped neckline of a tight tank top. The layering let her be as nice, or as naughty, as she wanted to be.

“I’ve never felt my hair so soft,” she smiled, running her fingers through the long, lustrous strands. “My compliments on your technique.”

“Hmmmm, thank you,” I nodded, watching her eyes dance happily as she looked at me. “I feel it only fair to compliment your technique, as well.”

“You must be feeling better,” she giggled. “You’re forming complete sentences.”

She was right. For a while there, merely walking upright had required a lot of concentration, as my knees were very wobbly. A blowjob from Julie can be very debilitating. Fortunately, she was there to lean on, and drive.

“Yes, and speaking English, too,” I laughed.

Watching her laugh back was a multi-layered experience. First, of course, was the visual, as her big boobs shook under her top. I always enjoyed that. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I knew she was happy. She was happy… with me. That made me feel very warm inside. Our relationship had progressed from purely physical, to a more mature level, where we enjoyed each other fully, both in and out of the bedroom. We’d even used the ‘L’ word, a few times.

“So, what’s happening with the car?” I asked her. “What were you working on today?”

“Oh, today was a waste of time,” she gestured, dismissing the thought. “I was hoping to just rebuild everything in the suspension, to make it handle like brand new, but it occurred to me that they handled like shit back then, anyway. Great in a straight line, but completely useless in the turns. I had been toying with the idea of upgrading to a modern suspension, but hadn’t really decided yet.”

I loved to watch her talk cars. She really had a passion for them. Working on them, and driving them, especially driving them very fast. Her eyes just lit up.

“Then this car came in the shop, for an oil change and lube. It was an old Camaro, a ’69, and I was in the pit below. I noticed that it wasn’t exactly stock, underneath. It was riding on a new frame, and had independent rear suspension. Pretty much exactly what I was thinking of for the Chevelle. So, I came out from under the car, and talked to the owner. Asked him how it handled, and how much it cost him. He had another shop do it, not being as hands on as I am. It turns out that it’s not as expensive as I thought. I might just get a whole new frame. It will save me a ton of time.”

That brilliant smile was lighting up the room, and she pulled out her phone, typing madly. Finding what she was looking for she turned the device over to me.

“I don’t expect you to be as excited about it as I am,” she kaçak bahis smiled, pointing at the screen, “but I think it’s beautiful. Sexy even. I just love the rear suspension.”

While I was more interested in her rear, and suspension, I could appreciate the engineering that went into the frame. It did look very sleek, strong, and well designed. It was almost a shame to cover it with a car.

“So, have you ordered it?” I asked, handing her back the phone.

“Not yet,” she shook her head. “Sorting out the money. Still have the engine to pay for.”

Ah yes. The engine. I almost choked when she showed me that little bauble. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. I like cameras, and don’t mind spending $5,000 on good equipment. She knows cars, and doesn’t see a $16,000 engine as being expensive. One thing’s for sure… if that Chevelle was going to be riding on that new frame, and powered by a 650hp LT4, it was going to be an absolute monster, and better than Detroit ever could have made it.

It gave me an idea for a unique gift I could give her. I’d look further into it, later.

As for the rest of the evening, we ate, we talked, we teased each other with verbal innuendo, and then we went home.

She wore me out.

I was almost late for work in the morning.


A week or so later, Julie was waiting for me when I got home. She was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a coffee, quietly.

“Red, honey?” she called me. “Can you come here?”

I was already on my way, and slipped up behind her, bending to kiss her neck.

“I’m here,” I smiled, nibbling further. “What’s up?”

“Care to explain this?” she asked, handing me the phone which was sitting on the table.

I read the email in question; a receipt, and shipping details, from Art Morrison Industries.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you,” I giggled. “I bought you a frame. Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn’t have time to wrap it.”

“Red, I can’t accept this,” she said, putting the phone down. “It’s too much. Besides, it’s not my birthday.”

“Happy early birthday, then,” I smiled. “I know it’s not a diamond, but I have a feeling you’d rather have this, anyway.”

“Red? No. Come on. I know what this costs,” she shook her head. “It’s too much. I appreciate the offer, but it’s my car. I can’t accept it.”

“So, think of it as our car,” I suggested. “I’m not sending it back, so if you don’t use it, it will just get rusty. Please, Julie. I want to. I know how much you enjoy working on that car, and I want to help.”

“What if we break up?” she asked. “Will you ask for it back?”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” I laughed. “You mean, like asking for the ring back? What would I do with half a car? It’s a gift, Julie. Yours to keep. Anyway, I’m not letting you go. In fact, I was going to ask you another question.”

“What’s that?” she smiled, beginning to accept the gift.

“Why are you paying for your apartment? You spend most nights here anyway, with me and your baby. I have the room, and you have grown on me. I love you.”

“Are you asking me to move in, or marry you?” she giggled, standing up, and stepping into my arms.

“Let’s go with the former, right now. We’ll work on the latter, as we go,” I said softly, holding her close.

“In that case, I accept the offer, and the frame,” she whispered. “It’s officially our car, now. Thank you, honey. I love you, too.”

“So, you’re moving in?” I asked.

“Yes, if you’re sure you want me,” she smiled, looking into my eyes.

“Positive,” I nodded.

The kiss that followed opened the floodgates, and we left a trail of desperately discarded clothing throughout the house, on the way to the bedroom. Once we arrived, she pushed me onto my back, and ripped off my last piece… my underwear… before plunging her mouth over my stiff cock.

“Oh, shit,” I moaned, watching her suck me eagerly. I’d like to think it was the ‘moving in together’ part of things, that had her so cranked up, but it really didn’t matter. She withdrew, and crawled up, spearing her juicy cunt with my spit-soaked dick.

“Yeah, that’s it, I just love that big cock in my pussy,” she growled, grinding over it, and taking it deeper.

I could do little more than lay back and watch, as Julie rode my cock like a woman possessed. She rarely got this excited, usually preferring to stretch things out a little more, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t satisfied. She just knew what she liked, and wasn’t afraid to ask for it.

“My nipples!” she gasped, bouncing her hips furiously. “Pull on my nipples! Pinch them!”

With her breasts jiggling madly, it took me a few seconds to get a proper grip on the pointy nubs, but once I did, she started to wail.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum, honey!” she screamed. “Harder! Pull them harder!”

I did, stretching the sensitive tips further as she pounded her pussy on me.

“Ahhhhhhhh, yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes! YESSSS! YESSSS! AHHHNNNNN!”

Julie’s body bucked, and she tossed her head back, screaming to the sky. I could feel her cunt grabbing my dick, and a trickle of moisture on my balls, as she came. She crashed down on my chest, gasping for air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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