Guest Speaker Ch. 02

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Guest Speaker Continued

Cassandra and Joy had such a good time the night before. They decide to continue the fun into the weekend. They decide to invite one more person to join then for their weekend sex session.

I woke up to the smell of coffee. As I opened my eyes, I saw Joy standing in front of me in gray spandex shorts and a light blue sports bra with a cup of coffee in her hand.

“Hello sleepy head, I thought you could use this.” She said as she put the coffee mug down on the night stand.

I sat up in the bed and looked over at the clock and realized that it was 7:30 in the morning. I slept much later then I normally would during a week day. Joy climbed on top of me and straddled me and then lean forward and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back.

“Did you go out for a run?” I asked her as I grabbed the coffee mug and took a sip of the coffee.

“Yes I did, it is nice out.” She replied.

“I wish I had my stuff with me, I would have gone along with you.” I said.

“Its okay, you looked very peaceful here sleeping, I didn’t want to wake you.” She said.

I put the coffee mug back on the night stand and kissed her again.

“I really enjoyed last night Joy. I haven’t been touched like that by a woman in a while.” I told her as I looked into her eyes.

“Good, I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I certainly did.” She said as she leaned forward and kissed me again.

She proceeded to take off her sports bra revealing her large breasts. I watched as they bounced free from their constrains and sat inches away from my face. She leaned forward so that I could suck on them. I kissed and licked her nipples and the tops of her breasts. I could taste the sweat on them

“Why don’t we get into the shower together. Joy said as she sat up and started to pull the covers off my body.

We got up and I took the coffee into the bathroom with me. She told me to use her tooth brush. I brushed me teeth and watched in the mirror as she pealed the spandex shorts off of her body to reveal a black thong that had a wet spot in the front. She had taken the thong off as well and left it in a pile with the spandex.

She turned on the shower and the came over to me and pressed her breasts against my back as I felt her hard nipples against my skin. I turned and kissed her and then we got into the shower. We took our time washing each other and then we started kissing under the hot water. I didn’t realize how large her shower was until she sat me down on the small bench in the shower.

She spread my legs and started to lick my clit. She didn’t waste any time in getting her tongue and fingers into my pussy. I leaned back against the glass block wall and allowed her to play with my pussy. I felt and orgasm approaching and I thought this is a great way to start the day off.

All of a sudden I felt something vibrating down by my pussy. I opened my eyes and watched as she started sliding in and out of my pussy one of the vibrators from last night. This set me off into a bigger orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssssss Joy, thatssss its right there.” I moaned as my orgasm swept through my body.

I stood up after my orgasm subsided and sat Joy down on the bench and then returned favor to her.

We go out of the shower and dried each other off. I realized that my clothes were down stairs. I went down stairs and had another cup of coffee. I gathered my clothes and realized that I couldn’t go into work wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I came back upstairs and Joy was in a pink satin bra and thong and had her suit laid out on the bed. She told me that she had to go interview a few basketball players from our local pro team and then go back to the studio to prepare for the evening news. I told her that I needed to go and get something new to wear. She told me that she was sorry that she didn’t have anything in my size. I realized that I wouldn’t come close to filling out one of her blouses and her pants were to short for me. I finished drying my hair and used some of her make up.

“So Cassandra, who is this guy that you had sex with yesterday, his cum tasted pretty yummy in you last night when, I was eating you out.” She asked me as I was curling my hair.

“Ohhh ,he is the guy that lives a couple of doors over from me. I have been fucking him for a couple of weeks.” I told her. “I hadn’t had sex with him in over a week so I had him come to the hotel and then I fucked in one of the suites.” I told her as I finished curling my hair.

“Wow that is pretty hot, is he good in bed.” She asked me as she zipped up her black slacks.

“Yeah he is great and he is only 26, he has a nice 8 inch cock that is pretty thick” I told her.

“Ohh really, I didn’t think that you would go after younger men.” She said as she put on her pink blouse.

“I have been interested in him since I moved and I made my move a couple of weeks ago when he was helping me paint my house. He has a gorgeous body and he is very eager to please. Plus casino şirketleri he likes having his ass played with.” I said to her as I put on my pants.

“Do you think he would be interested in joining us.”she said as she started to put lipstick on.

“Yeah I think I could persuade him into having sex with two very hot women.” I said as I buttoned up my blouse and grabbed my jacket.

We both headed downstairs and she grabbed her briefcase and I grabbed my purse. “Do you want me to give you a ride to work?” She said as we were in the kitchen.

“Actually if you could give me a ride to Ann Taylor Loft so that I could buy a new outfit for work today, that would be great.” I said as I finished my cup of coffee.

“Sure no problem.” She said as she led me to the garage where her car was parted. We got into her car and she started heading towards Ann Taylor Loft.

“So Cassandra do you have any plans for tonight?” Joy said as she turned down the radio.

“No I don’t Joy, would you like to get together for dinner? I replied.

“I don’t get done with the news cast until 7, do you want to meet at 7:30?” She said as she drove down the street.

“Well we can go out or just make dinner at your place.” I said as I stared down her blouse at her cleavage.

“Lets do that then, this way we can have a more private and intimate setting.”She said to me as she licked her luscious lips.

“Okay I will leave work about 6 and go home and then I will be back over around 7:30. I will pick up something for dinner and some more wine.” I told her as she pulled up in front of Ann Taylor Loft.

“That sounds good.” she said as she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

I kissed her back before I undid my seat belt and got out of the car.

“I’ll see you later then.” I said as I closed the door and turned to walk into Ann Taylor Loft.

I was the first customer of the day and I had the store to my self as I started to look around. I decided that I would get new slacks and a sweater or blouse. As I moved towards the sweaters the sales associate came over and asked me if I needed any help. I told her not yet but I would come and find her as soon as I did have a questions.

I noticed that she was quite attractive standing 5’6″ and looked to weighing about 130 lbs. She had blond hair and blue eyes. She looked to be about her mid thirties. She looked nice in her black pants and her red blouse that seemed to show off her nice size breasts. I moved on to the sweaters and I found a nice gray sweater that was about 3/4 sleeve and looked to be form fitting. I picked up my size and then made my way over to the pants where I found a light gray pair of pants with a thin black pinstripe in them. I grabbed a size 4 and headed to the fitting room, but they were locked.

I found the blond sales associate and asked her to unlock on for me. She unlocked the fitting room for me and told me yell if I needed anything. She told me that her name as Alice. I went into the fitting room and quickly stripped down to my bra and thong and then put on the pants, they fit nicely. I put the sweater on, but I noticed that it was too big. I heard a knock at the door, it was Alice asking me if I was okay in there. I opened the door and asked her what she thought.

“The outfit looks great, but I think that the sweater is too big for you.” She said.

“I was thinking the same thing.” I responded. “The sweater should emphasize your breasts and taper in at your stomach.” “You have the body for this sweater.” she told me.

“Thanks Alice.” I said with a smile.

“Let me get you a smaller size.” She said as she walked away. I felt my pussy getting wet again. I went back into the fitting room but I didn’t close the door. I was debating on wether I should make a move on Alice. She came back with the sweater in a smaller size.

“Here I got you the next size down, this should fit you a lot better.” She said as she paused at the door. I noticed her staring at my breasts and looking me up and down.

“Thanks Alice I appreciate it. My name is Cassandra, I really appreciate all of your help.” I said to her as I extended my hand to shake hers and take the sweater. I noticed she hadn’t taken her eyes off of my breasts the entire time. We shook hands and she handed me the sweater. As we shook hands I pulled her into the fitting room and kissed her on the lips. I dropped the sweater on the floor as I put my arms around her. She broke our kiss and pulled back from me.

“This is wrong, I shouldn’t be doing this, you are a customer.” She said as we were inches apart.

“I won’t say anything Alice if you won’t and there aren’t any cameras around, besides there is no one else in the store.” I said to her as I leaned back in for another kiss. This time she was more receptive to my lips and we began to embrace. We kissed for a minute or so and the she pulled away again.

“I have never done anything like this before Cassandra, but I have been very interested casino firmaları in trying it. I want to experience another woman.” She told me before we kissed again. This time we kept on kissing and moved my hands between us to start unbuttoning her blouse. I unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled it open.

She had on a black victoria’s secret bra on. The bra looked as if it was a push up bra because of the way her breasts we spilling out of the bra. She quickly removed my bra and began groping my breasts. I slid the straps off of her shoulders and then pulled the bra down enough to let her tits pop out of the bra. She has nice hard nipples that were about the size of pencil erasers. I began sucking on her left tit and then moving over to her right and back and forth.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Cassandra I love to have my nipples sucked on.” She moaned as I licked circles around her left nipples. I felt her groping my tits and pulling on my nipples as the same time. This was getting me wetter and wetter as she did this. I slid one hand down and started undoing her pants. I noticed that she had a nice tan to her with no tan lines. I unzipped her pants and slid them down past her ass.

“Nice G-string Alice.” I said as I noticed her black g-string that barely covered her pussy lips.

“Thanks, I’m not a big fan of underwear so I try and wear as least as possible when I have to wear it.” She told me as I continued to suck on her nipples. She reached back and shut the door to the fitting room. We began kissing again and I pulled her g-string to the side and I slipped a finger into her wet pussy. I found her g-spot and I immediately began rubbing my finger back and forth across it.

“Ohhhhh yeaaahhhhhhh Cassandra thats the spot, right there that feels great.” She moaned in my ear as she pinched my nipples. She moved her head down my chest and started sucking on my swollen red nipples. I slipped another finger into her and picked up the pace. This caused her to lean back against the wall to brace herself.

“Ohhhhhhhh Yessssssssss keep that up and you will have me cumming in no time.” I felt her hands slip down to my pants and she began to unzip them.

She then pulled the pants down to my ankles and noticed the wet spot on my thong. She slipped her hand into my thong and began rubbing my clit. We continued to kiss as I felt two fingers slide into my saturated cunt. She was quick to find my g-stop and began rubbing me there at a rather fast motion that I enjoyed.

“Ohhhhhhhh Alice are you sure you have done this before?” I said to her as I felt myself really getting worked up.

“No I haven’t, I’m just doing to you what I would like done to me, not to say that you are doing anything wrong Cassandra.” Just as she said that I felt my orgasm cumming on. I started to rub her faster and this brought her orgasm on as well.

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss Alice I’mmmmmm Cummingggggggggg.” I moaned as I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my fingers and her juices started to flow down my hand.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh godddddddddddd Cassandra Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss I’m cuminnnnnnnnngggggggg honey, Don’tttttt Stopppppp.” She moaned as we both cummed from finger fucking each other. At this point were both leaning against the wall. I pulled my two fingers from her wet snatch and licked my fingers clean.

“You taste great Alice.” I told her.

“So do you Cassandra” She replied as she licked her fingers. I leaned over and kissed her again.

“That was great, I really enjoyed myself.” I told her. All of a sudden we heard the door sensor go off.

“Ohh shit I have to get out there” Alice said as she scrambled to get her pants up and button her blouse. She was out of the fitting room a few seconds later with her blouse half way buttoned and the smell of sex coming from between her legs. I pulled up the pants and took the tag off of them. I then put my bra back on and put the sweater on after tearing off the tag. I picked up my suit and stepped back into my heels. I looked at my watch and realized that it was just after 9 and I should be getting to work. I went up to the register and Alice came over and to ring me up.

“Alice you have a little bit of cum on the side of your lip” I whispered to her. She licked it off in a very seductive manner. She only charged me for the pants after she gave me her employee discount of 40% off.

“We should get together some time Alice.” I said to her as I gave her my business card. I told her to call me on my cell. She wrote her phone # on the receipt and then went off to help another customer.

I walked out of the store with a smile on my face. It was just after 9 in the morning and I had just came for a second time with two different women. I walked the 3 blocks over to my hotel and put my suit in my car. I walked into my office and got started with me work day as I felt cum still leaking out of my pussy. I tried to go on with my work day as normal. I got a lot of work done.

Around 12, Aaron called me to see if güvenilir casino I wanted to get together for lunch. I told him that I was really busy and couldn’t today. I asked him what he was doing tonight. He said that we was going out with some friends in the city. He said that he should be back too late. I told him that I may call him and for him to keep his phone on. We said our good byes and I went back to work.

A few minutes later my phone rang it was my boss calling from the corporate office. He proceeded to tell me that he needed me to go out to Palm Springs to help train the staff at the new hotel that we opened out there. I asked him when he needed me out there. He said about 3 weeks or the end of the month. He told me exactly what he wanted me to do.

At the end of the phone call he told me that he was giving me a promotion and moving me up to in charge staff training for new hotels. He said that I was see a nice raise in my next pay check and I would be traveling quite a bit. He told me he was very pleased with my work. He also told me that when I wasn’t traveling I would be here at the hotel. After I got off the phone with him I was thrilled since I haven’t gotten a promotion in a couple of years.

I got lunch after that and then got busy with work and booking my trip to Palm Springs. I also noticed that my pussy was wet and my clit needed some attention. I told my secretary that I had a conference call for the next half and hour. I got up and locked my office door and then undid my pants and took them off. I put my pants and my thong underneath my desk and I opened my drawer and pulled out my 6 inch vibrator that I kept in there. Within seconds I had my feet up on the desk and my legs spread as I pumped the vibrator in and out of my hot wet pussy. I had to stop to get my thong. I put in my mouth so I wouldn’t moan out loud. A minute later I was cumming all over my chair.

I left the hotel around 5 pm and went home after fighting with the rush hour traffic. I undressed after getting the mail and put my bra and thong in the laundry. I turned on the bathtub and went down stairs to pour myself a glass of wine. I had time to soak in the tub and then get dressed pack a bag for Joy’s and stop at the supermarket to get wine and dinner for the two of us. After I soaked in the tub for 25 minutes and hopped into the shower and then got out. I went over to my dresser and opened my lingerie draw and started to take out some items. I decided that I was going to wear the outfit I got earlier today at Ann Taylor Loft. I also thought of Alice and the experience in the fitting room with her. I would definitely tell Joy to stop in there to see Alice.

I put aside a pink and black lace cup less bra and the matching g-sting. I grabbed a bag out of my closet and put in a couple of thongs and g-strings and also a sexy white satin teddy and thong into the bag along with the matching thigh high stockings. I grabbed a mini skirt and halter top and put that in the bag as well. I also grabbed a couple of t-shirts and shorts that Aaron had left over at my place. I enjoy wearing his stuff when he isn’t around. I put this stuff in the bag.

Next I went over and grabbed a couple of dildos and butt plugs as well as my anal beads. I grabbed my favorite 8 inch vibrator and then put my makeup and hair stuff as well as my shower stuff. I put the pink and black cup less bra on and the matching g-string I took as second to admire the nice shave job I did on my pussy. I put on the rest of my outfit and then grabbed the bag and my keys and drove to the supermarket. I picked up 3 bottles of wine for us and some chicken and vegetables. I got back into the city and over to Joy’s place by 7:30.

I rang the doorbell and waiting until she opened the door. She let me in and I noticed that she was still dressed in her work clothes. She took the groceries and wine from me as I dropped my bag at the foot of the stairs. I joined her in the kitchen and gave her a nice kiss on the lips.

“How was your day Cassandra.” Joy asked me as she poured me a glass of wine.

“It was great, I got a promotion.” I told her as I reached for the glass of wine that she had just poured me.

“Ohhh thats wonderful we are going to have to celebrate.” Joy said.

“I love this outfit, did you get this morning at Ann Taylor Loft?”

“Yes I did and I also hooked up with the woman that works there in the fitting room.” I told her.

“You are such a little slut Cassandra, Was I not enough for you last night and this morning.” She said with a smile.

“You definitely were it just that the situation came up and I took advantage of it.” I told her. Then I told her about what happened with Alice and told her that she would have to go there and visit Alice one day.

I started making dinner for us and within half and hour we were sitting at the table eating and talking out our workdays and my promotion.

“So Cassandra how do you want to celebrate this promotion?” she asked me as we were clearing off the table.

“Well I would like to celebrate it with the two people that have give me great pleasure and many orgasms over the past 48 hours.” She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. I got my cell out of my purse and started typing out a text.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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