Hand-Therapy Foot Job Ch. 02

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I couldn’t stop thinking about Shelley, my super-hot MILF hand therapist who I’d been going to for treatment of a thumb injury. Early one morning, before others arrived, this 50-something, thick-bodied beauty provided a most unique method of easing my suffering: She used her incredibly sexy old feet to make me cum, after getting out of me I couldn’t masturbate due to my hand injury!

The week dragged on to my next early-morning session, and when I arrived, she came out with a wide smile and those magical feet displayed in her usual sandals below the blue uniform pants.

“Right on time, Scott, I like punctuality,” she cooed, leading me inside, locking the door behind me. “Among other things.”

The session began with her sitting at the glass-top desk, my hand extended toward her, her massaging my thumb as if jerking off a small cock, hot oil applied, those big beautiful eyes locked into mine, a smile on her face, a perfect pucker of sexy MILF wrinkles around the corners of her mouth.

“Now Scott, are we still having…trouble with our usual activities associated with the right hand?” she asked gently, my eyes looking down through the table to those impossibly sexy feet in sandals, toes wiggling, her insteps flexing with tendons beneath the smooth, silky skin.

“Oh, yes, Shelley, I tried, I tried, but…” I smiled weakly.

“Oh my,” she smiled. “A full week? No relief for that last seven days since you were last here?”

“No…I’m afraid not…,” I answered, my mind racing.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to take care of that, Scott,” she said, a hint of domination in her lilting voice.

She let it linger, hanging in their air like the proverbial elephant in the room, the only sounds the squishy rubbing of my injured thumb as she slowly stroked it up and down, and the accompanying small animal sounds I found myself emitting as she did.

After five torturous minutes, her smiling and stroking the whole time, my cock about to erupt in my pants, she reached under the desk and slowly pulled up her pant legs to the knees as she had last week, revealing those marvelously sculpted MILF calves, thick, meaty and white with a beautiful, shapely hint of muscle under that creamy skin. She smiled at me and slipped off her sandals, running her feet up my legs to my crotch, stopping when they came to rest on my throbbing cock.

“Goodness, casino şirketleri you ARE ready, aren’t you?” she laughed pleasantly.

As she had the week before, she slowly unzipped my pants with those educated feet, my eyes wide and watching the sweet muscles in her supple calves and splendid feet flexing as she did, my cock popping free, a splash of pre-cum landing on her instep. She giggled.

“Poor boy, you certainly do need therapy don’t you?” she laughed.

“Oh God, Shelley, yes, yes, yes,” I babbled, watching those insanely sexy old feet tickle my bloated balls, the red-painted nails delicately tracing up the back of my cock making me jump in my seat.

“Hmmm, you seem to be having a favorable reaction to my toes in particular?” she said clinically. “Do you like my toes, Scott? Are they making you eager to ejaculate, my toes?”

“Hell, Shelley, YESSSSSSS!!” I fairly screamed.

Instantly, she slipped her toes to my nuts, one foot on either side of them, squeezing them hard between them, knees pointed outward as she clamped those toes onto my anxious balls, crushing them until I grimaced in sweet pain.

“Scott, DO be quiet, we’re alone here but there may be others on the floor!” she snarled with quiet dominance. “My toes can cause great pain AND pleasure, as you’re finding out, now behave yourself!”

“Yes, Shelley, yes, yes,” I groaned, slumped in my chair, eyes watching her punish my balls in her silky toes, squeezing them until the flesh oozed between those painted digits, my dick oozing precum all over them.

“Stand,” she said plainly, pulling her feet from my crotch.

“Wha…what?” I moaned, missing her touch.

“Stand, Scott, stand,” she continued. “Since you seem to be so attracted to my old toes, I have a method for ejaculate release you may find to your liking.”

Nothing she could possibly do could ever not be to my liking, so I obeyed, standing before the desk, cock sticking straight out. She smiled, and pulled her legs out from under the table, putting them up on it, those soles and toes inches from my dripping dick.

“I have a fairly good ability to spread my toes,” she announced proudly and doing just that before my astonished eyes, all 10 digits spread very wide, wide enough for a man’s dick to fit between each of them, particularly the space between her casino firmaları knobby big toe and the smaller, gnarled one next to it. “Put your penis in. There, right there.”

She pointed with her right toes to the left. Trembling, I shuffled forward, my pants at my feet, and fisted my dick, running the head into those gloriously silky space, soaking it as I did with pre-cum, lubricating it naturally. Her toes were long, incredibly long, and now seemed to wrap around the head of my quivering dick. She smiled a sexy smile at me as I thrust my cock in between those amazing toes.

“No, Scott, stop,” she said, scissoring my cock in those two big toes, the pain causing me to stop. “I am the therapist, you let ME do the work!”

Who was I to argue, especially as she slowly, excruciatingly so, started to jerk my cock off in those incredible two toes, tilting her foot back, sinews and tendons in that foot dancing, as did the ones around her shins, calves bulking up thick and hard, and then back down again, as she stroked my cock using just those two wonderfully competent toes!

“Oh, God, Shelley, oh GOD!” I moaned, quickly coming to the edge, my balls aching.

“Now, we must get every drop of sperm from you young man!” she said brightly. “This should help…”

She tilted her other leg to the side, running the toes of that foot under and around my balls, the digits spreading like a small, strong hand, and clamping around my nut sacks like a bony glove, kneading them, forcing the flesh to ooze between her toes as I watched, enraptured, as she milked them. It hurt, at first like hell as that wonderful MILF set of toes massaged and crushed my balls, the pain slowly giving way to that magical line of pain and pleasure, the foot working harder, squeezing my nuts, the muscles in that calf of hers bulging meatily as she worked them.

“Ejaculate for me now Scott!” she hissed, watching her feet devour my cock and balls, the one stroking madly back and forth, my dick pouring precum down that instep, the other madly mauling my bloated balls. “Ejaculate for my feet!”

I did, a thick rope of cum exploding from my cock, landing with a sizzling splat up and down Shelley’s flexing shin flesh, coating it, the rest jetting quickly behind, a half dozen or more powerful blasts of long-held cum coating her entire shin. A blanket of brew lumpy güvenilir casino and hot and sheeted over both sides of the shin bone, sexily coating those bulging calf muscles on the inside and out, covering every succulent inch of flexing skin as her other toes slowly pumped out every last drop. I gasped as I finished, realizing I hadn’t been breathing for the entire minute it took for me to ooze out the last of the week-long worth of spunk I’d been saving for my sexy therapist.

She sat back, smiling, slowly pulling her foot off my dick, a bubble of spunk dripping on those and the others she pulled off my nuts. I stood, panting, looking down at that big calf coated with jism. She looked sidelong at a nearby towel, smiling darkly as she shook her head.

“You also need protein, Scott, it’s good for your recovery,” she growled darkly, eyes flashing. “I suggest, as your therapist, you clean your ejaculate from my shin, calf and toes – with your mouth!”

I was a goner, transfixed, too caught up in Shelley’s foot spell to disobey. The week before she ‘made’ me suck some cum from her big toe. Now, the entire load lay there on those twitching calf and shin, and toes, glistening in the light. I sighed, shrugged and bent to the task, lapping madly at the cum first from her gorgeous toes and then up through the thick blanket of it on her shin, slurping it down, not minding the taste or thick, creamy texture, devouring every drop of my cum. I licked it like sweet icing, cleaning her shin and then hungrily lapping the thick, muscular meat of her calf. She moaned, head back, eyes closed, and clenched her meaty thighs in a quick orgasm.

I stood up, a dreamy, stupid grin on my face, cum shiny on my lips and chin. She laughed and tossed me a towel to wipe up with. I watched as she looked at a dollop of cum on a toe I missed. Limber for her age, she smiled at me and pulled that foot back to her mouth, slowly sucking her toe inside, savoring the taste of my spunk, swallowing it proudly. She put her feet back down, pulling her pant legs over her creamy, white calves and shins as I pulled my pants up, watching her do it.

“Now, Scott, you seem to like my muscular old calves as well,” she said, picking up her appointment book to flip through it. “Next week, we’ll continue therapy and perhaps enter my calves to the session. I suggest you rest your hand and refrain from any of your usual activities until then. Understood?”

I smiled broadly.

“You’re the boss, Shelley,” I sighed before leaving, catching one last glimpse of those sexy toes as she crossed her legs, taunting me with them. “You’re the boss.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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