Hot Tub Fun Ch. 01

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“Hey!” Autumn said as I answered my work phone.

“Hey, yourself. What’s going on?” I asked back.

“Becky is stuck at work late and can’t stop by the store. Can you get something for dinner and we will all meet at your place?”

“Sure. Fast food or do one of you want to cook?”

“I’ll cook if you’ll shop. And we can make her do the dishes. ” Autumn said with a smile over the phone. “Troy wants to come over too. I’ll text you a list and then see you at the house.”

“Sounds good. See you later.”

I took a look at the list – pasta, salad, veggies, and a good steak. I figure I’ll get a nice wine also for the ladies. The last thing on the list made me take a double take. “Any good lube – flavored if you can find it.” Autumn was planning some more games. That explains young Troy coming over. Ever since the basket ball game he had been chasing Autumn around. Well this may be a fun Friday night.

I was still putting away the groceries when Autumn knocked on the door and let herself in. I flipped her the small bag with her last request and said “So how was work?”

“Not bad but this is going to make the weekend better.” She giggled.

“What are you planning on doing tonight that you need lube?” I asked innocently.

“Well if it’s ok with you. Troy has been wanting to fool around a little bit like at the ballgame. I plan on changing my rules if it is just the four of us. I know you want to put yours in Becky’s butt and Troy has hinted around about trying something new.”

“Why did you want it flavored?

“So it will taste good when I clean your big cock after you cum in her butt.” she said matter of fact. “Now go take a shower while I get dinner started.”

I took a very fast and very hot shower. I decided to shave the 5 o’clock shadow and trim down below. A fresh polo shirt and some slip on pants. I decided to go with some boxers just in case.

I looked at the clock and decided Becky would be there soon. Before leaving the master bath, I started to fill the Jacuzzi tub. I heard the front door open and slam as I walked down the hall. Even after what seemed to be a long and frustrating day she still looked like an angel.

“Hi baby, rough day?” I asked with a smile.

“You don’t want to know. All the kids seemed to be out of control and then a Parent Teacher Conference after school.” she replied.

“Well dinner is started, I just got done in the bathroom and started the tub for you. Go get changed and relax in the tub. I’ll bring you a drink. Ice tea or something harder?”

“Just the tea for now and thank you for starting the tub.” With a kiss on my cheek she started stripping off her school clothes walking to the bath.

Autumn had the dinner going well and handed me the steaks. I took them out to the grill and she took Becky her tea. I had got some really good steaks so just a little salt, pepper and olive oil on them before hitting the grill. I saw the foil wrapped package of asparagus and put it on the top shelve with the meat on the lower.

The smell had almost got me to the point to check on food when my love walked out the back door. She had her hair pulled back in a little pony tail. She had on one of my UK XXL shirts that went down so far I could not tell if she had anything else on under it. I got my second kiss of the day. Not a little peck or a full on mouth and tongue kiss but the perfect full of passion and love kiss that she does so well.

“Thank you for the bath baby. It just hit the spot. Autumn has the pasta done. How are the steaks?”

“Medium or medium rare and just coming off the grill to rest. The veggies need a couple of minutes. Can you take them in for me?”

“Yes. Troy is done setting the table so hustle the veggies lover.” As she turned to go back in. she flipped up my shirt to show me the faint glimpse of her bare butt. Damn she has a fine ass. I really do want to slide into that tight hole.

Still not sure about where this was going after dinner but it was a very beautiful evening so I took the cover off the hot tub before taking in the last of the food. I checked the grill to make sure the gas was off and headed inside.

Becky had slipped on a pair of my shorts since she had given me the little flash on the patio but I could still see her beautiful breast swaying freely under her shirt. Autumn had slipped out of her work clothes and into a tight pair of shorts and another one casino şirketleri of my T-shirts. The brunette’s tits where not as large as Becky’s but they were perky and I could see her nipples poking through.

Dinner was spent talking and relaxing. Troy opened the wine he brought and we went through both bottles during the wonderful dinner. Autumn was teasing and flirting with him constantly. Becky was a lot calmer and less aggressive most of the time and after her hard day at work she was just holding my hand and watching the other two. The girls got up to clean off the table as the guys went to watch part of the ballgame on TV. Spring training baseball was not a big deal but it was still a game.

Becky called from the kitchen “Is the hot tub ready?”

” It should be. I uncovered it before dinner and turned it on low.” I answered.

“Thanks hun. If the two of you can tear yourself away from the game we would love some company. ”

Picking up our drinks we walked out on to the patio just in time to see Autumn shimming out of her shorts and Becky slipping nude into the hot tub. Seeing Autumn’s naked ass made me think of the lube I had bought earlier in the day. Autumn’s butt was a little bigger than Becky’s perfect rear end but it was still very sexy. My dirty mind went to the idea of doing both of them in the ass tonight. Or would either let me and Troy double team them.

Troy looked at me and said “I really need to come over to your house more often.”

Smiling at the youngster “This really doesn’t happen all of the time.”

Following my goddess’ lead, I started to strip down so I could join her in the tub. The water came up to the bottom of the girls’ breasts leaving them semi exposed to our lustful gaze. Troy hesitated at his briefs but as I tossed my boxers on the chair, he shrugged and took his off as well.

Becky gave a little giggle as I gave my soft dick a little tug walking toward her. The hot tub had room for about six people but it would be a little tight. With four, we all fit comfortably. Sitting hip to hip with the most beautiful woman in the world I leaned in to kiss her deeply. Her hand had found my stiffening member under the water. She gave it a hard squeeze and slowly stroked it. My hands went to those sexy tits. They are just perfect. Firm and round and capped with pert nipples that seemingly get hard when I willed it. I cupped one in my hand to felt its weight and firmness. Pinching her pink nipple and swirling my forefinger around her aureole. She tugged hard on my cock when I pulled on her nipples. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth as she moaned from the work my hands where doing to her breasts.

My left hand snaked its way down her body. Coming to rest between her open legs and cupping her bald mound. Resting my hand there, I moved to kiss her neck. Little bites on her shoulders with one hand wrapped around her back pulling her closer – the other holding her pussy barely moving up and down. Her hands were on my thighs and my cock also slowly moving up and down. The water was very hot. I was getting very hard and Becky was spreading her legs trying to get me to run my fingers into her pussy. I took a second to look up across the hot tub.

Autumn had straddled Troy’s lap and was aggressively going between kissing him and rubbing her breasts in his face. Her bare back looked very sexy as she rose up out of the water. His hands where grabbing her ass roughly just under the water. I was distracted just long enough for my sexy lover to notice.

“Do you want to watch them a little bit? ” Becky asked.

“Yes but I want you more.” I answered.

“You can have me and watch. Sit on the side of the tub baby.”

I popped myself on the side of the hot tub and Becky crawled between my legs. She pulled back her long hair into a ponytail and then reached for my cock. A long slow tug on my member and she then leaned forward and licked the tip. I leaned back on my hands as the sexy woman before me started giving me one of her famous blow jobs. I got to watch her work on my knob and Autumn and Troy making out on the other side of the hot tub.

Troy’s hands where all over Autumn’s body. She was still sitting in his lap but had turned to the side so that he could slide his hands down between her legs. Her nipples were hard and swollen from the sucking Troy had been giving them. I had forgotten how rough Troy could be and how much Autumn casino firmaları had liked it at the basketball game. Troy saw me watching them and stopped just in time to see Becky take about all of my dick down her throat. My moan got Autumn’s attention and she turned to watch. She slid off Troy’s lap and around to Becky’s side.

“Dang it she can go deep. I wish I could do that as well as she can.” Autumn said.

Troy had joined me sitting on the edge of the tub. His cock was as hard as mine. I am about 7 inches long and about 4 around. He was maybe 5 inches long but at least that big around. His looked like a coke can sticking straight out while mine has the banana curl in it.

Becky slowly pulled her mouth all the way off my cock and looked at her best friend. She turned to Troy and then back at me. She put the head back in her mouth and went down just a little deeper. Autumn pushed a little bit on the back of her head until she gave just a little gag. Her nose touched my trimmed pubic hairs. Autumn held her head still with my cock buried in Becky’s throat. I could feel Becky moving her tongue around the bottom of my shaft and her trying to swallow.

Not sure how long Autumn held Becky on my cock but it was a great feeling. When she was finally released, Becky came up for a big breath and gave me a big smile.

She looked at the brunette and said “Your turn.”

Becky got behind Autumn and pushed her head toward Troy’s hard on. Autumn hesitated just a second but with Becky’s hand pushing her down, she let the wide head enter her mouth. Her mouth stretched around him and looked very hot. She only took about half of him in her mouth the first time mainly because she was not really prepared for that wide invader. The second time, Becky did not have to push as Autumn buried her face into Troy’s lap – her pretty lips wide around the cock.

Troy reached up to grab her head but Becky smacked his hand.

“Nope big boy. Hands down and let us do the work.” Becky said with a big smile.

“Speaking of work baby doll. Get back over here.” I ordered.

The sight before me was almost unbelievable. My goddess was licking and sucking on the head of my cock. Her best friend who is almost as beautiful as she is was working on another cock. I smiled at Troy as he was leaning back enjoying the pleasure Autumn was giving him as much as I was enjoying Becky’s attention on me.

Both girls had their own style and techniques. Autumn had probably given more blow jobs but she did not have lust for them that Becky did. Becky was worshiping my cock. Sucking on the head then going deep, stroking me when she went to lick my balls, swirling her tongue around the mushroom head, then doing one of my favorite things with it. She stuck out her tongue and smacked my cock on it. She knows how much I love how that feels. She then lifted my shaft to get to my balls, sucking the whole sack into her mouth as she pinched the head. The pleasure and pain almost sent me over the edge but Becky let up when she felt me tense. She could keep me on this edge for a long time.

Autumn’s lips where wrapped around the coke can of a cock in front of her. She does not go deep like my Becky but does get the cock very wet, sucking on the head and then sliding her mouth down one side and back up the other. She would push the cock head in to her cheek like Troy had done at the basketball game. Looking at her doing that almost caused Troy to lose it.

He looked at me then at the two women sucking our cocks and gave me a high five. The sound of which got both girls attention. Both of them looked up at our smiling faces and stopped the blow jobs they were giving.

“Want to switch?” Autumn asked.

“I am not sure I can get my lips around that thing.”

‘Well if we let them help us. Jim can try to fuck my throat with that baseball bat and Troy can stretch your mouth open.” Autumn challenged Becky.

I stood up and grabbed Autumn’s hand to help her out of the hot tub. I took her to the bench by on the side of the tub and laid her on her back. Her head was barely hanging off the end of it. Holding her head still, I placed my cock head on her red lips. Autumn opened her lips to let me slide in. I was not going to go fast or hard because I knew she had never taken more than about 3 inches in her mouth without gagging. The head and about an inch went in very smoothly. She started to suck on the head so I knew güvenilir casino I could go deeper. I pulled all the way out and then slowly back in to her small mouth.

She took about 3 inches this time. I held myself still as she adjusted to the length. Then her tongue started to move so it was time for a little more. Pushing firmly with my hips and holding her head in place allowed her to take another 3 inches. At the point she first started to gag like this, my balls hit her forehead. I was not all the way in but it was not more than and inch left. I pulled all the way out this time to let her catch her breath.

Becky gave a little clap after watching Autumn do her first deep throat. Her applause did not last long as Troy decided to get going with stretching her mouth. The boy did have a rough side. He took his cock and gave her a little smack on the cheek. She turned toward him to catch the large head of his member in her lips. He was almost too big for her.

I decided not to let Autumn rest as Troy pushed his short thick cock into my Becky’s mouth. I pushed back into her mouth and saw the tip expand her throat just as Troy pushed all the way into Becky. He was pulling on her ponytail to keep her head back and mouth open. I had my hands on the back of Autumn’s neck as I slammed into her mouth. Both of us were face fucking the other one’s girl making them do things with their mouths they were not practiced at. I looked at Becky whose eyes watered a little from the width of cock in her mouth. Autumn gave another little gag as I pushed in a little too hard.

“Ok time for another switch.” I said.

Taking Autumn back to the tub, I drape her over the side with her ass in the air and her tits spread out over the side. Troy did the same with Becky right next to the brunette. I stepped behind my lover and gave her up turned butt a heavy slap. Troy ran his wide cock between Autumn’s thighs. We both used our hands to guide our hardons into the beauty before us. Not sure if was from the hot tub or from giving us blow jobs, Becky was very wet and I was able to go all the way in on the first stroke. She pushed back hard. She was as ready as I was. I grabbed her by the hips and started pounding into her. She was matching each of my inward strokes. We got into a wonderful rhythm.

Becky got up on her elbows and looked back at me. She looked right in my eyes when her orgasm started. “Do not stop – DO NOT STOP!”

Her orgasm pushed me over the edge as well. I kept up the pushing as long as I could even while coming in her unprotected pussy. We collapsed on the side of the hot tub to loud applause from Autumn and Troy. I had been so into Becky that I had not noticed the two of them had stopped to watch us. I pulled Becky up to me and kissed her deeply. We got up from the tub and sat down on the patio love seat. It was our turn to watch and we were going to get comfortable.

Autumn looked back at Troy “Ok buddy let’s see you use that thing like that.”

Troy took the challenge and pushed hard into her pussy. His wide staff went in her soaking wet pussy like a jack hammer. Autumn reached back and spread her ass cheeks so Troy had easy access to her slit. Bent over on the deck, ass in the air and her mouth opened in a constant scream of pleasure, Autumn was getting fucked hard. Troy was going hard and fast into the sexy woman before him. Becky was stroking my cock back to life while we watched them fuck. I was semi hard and Autumn let out her orgasmic scream.

“Baby, go keep her quite before the neighbors come to check on us.” Becky told me.

Walking over to Autumn my cock got to full strength. I placed it on her lips and she opened wide. Troy pushed into to her pussy. Autumn rocked forward on to my waiting cock. I pushed into her mouth and got a satisfying grunt from Troy as Autumn slammed back onto him. The only way this scene could be better was if Becky was in the middle going the other way.

We were starting to get going faster and faster when I saw a flash of light. Becky had gotten out a phone camera and was taking pictures of Autumn being taken from both ends. The exhibitionist in me got very turned on hoping the pictures turn out as hot as the action was. Troy also got turned on by Becky taking pictures. He announced his pending climax. Becky dropped to her knees and took his cock fresh from Autumn’s pussy into her mouth. Troy held her head still as he unloaded a very big load into her mouth.

“Don’t you dare swallow that. That is my load. You got the first one.” Autumn said. Becky moved over to the other girl and passed the cum out of her mouth to her friend’s. Autumn took it all and swallowed it with great gusto.

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