Houston II Ch. 13

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Author’s Note: The only thanks we get are your comments and e-mails. Please let us know how you like these stories. What’s good, and what’s not so good. Thank you.

Chapter 13

John’s Turn

A round of polite applause rang out, filling the bedroom and strangely enough, caused Argie to blush. A stranger to Argie approached the bed upon which she and the black Adonis lay. It was the “Voice” who turned out to be a handsome man in his mid-forties, and he took Argie’s hand in his and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the newest member of The Club! Wasn’t she just grand?”

A roar of approval went up from the onlookers, and Argie’s heart filled with pride. She looked frantically about for her husband, and found him standing behind a woman who appeared to be about thirty, wearing a skimpy black cocktail dress. Instinctively, she knew the woman had designs on him. Jealousy flared up for a moment, and then died. She had after all, sucked ten different cocks. John had as yet done nothing. And this was their initiation. ‘Would he be going down on as many women?’ she wondered.

“And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, would you all please join me in the Green Room for the second of this evening’s initiations? Mr. John Franck, will you please follow me?”

“Argie,” Adonis said, taking her arm, “let’s see how good a man you’re married to.”

“He’s good, Adonis,” she replied. “He’s probably too good for his own good.” Then she laughed and hopped off the bed to stand next to him, her breasts jouncing in the process.

“My, I knew you were big, but I didn’t realize just how big,” she said teasingly as she stood next to him.

Adonis made his cock jump, and she recoiled in surprise, and then began laughing. “I hoped you were quick to recover,” she said, taking his ebony member in hand.

“No, don’t start,” he said. “Not until your husband is finished. Then we’ll have the evening to ourselves . . . or I should say to whomever.”

“Are you saying you’ll be sharing me with someone else?” she asked impishly.

“It’s the house rules, my dear. We share and share and share and share. Until dawn’s early light.”

“I like these rules, Adonis, I really do. So, let’s see how my Johnny boy does.”


John and Argie were ceremoniously escorted from the bedroom to an interior room of great size. There was a dimly-lit mahogany bar on the far side of the room. It stretched perhaps thirty feet in length, yet left plenty of room on either side.

John glanced around. He was more nervous now than earlier. This was because it was now his turn to perform and he wanted desperately to do well.

People sauntered up to the bar, but he noticed there was no bartender present. He made a quick mental count and found six men and seven women in various states of undress standing there.

Two luscious, and very young blondes, one completely naked, the other wearing only a skimpy thong, approached him, but halted several feet away from him.

He sensed Argie being steered away from him by her lover, Adonis.

‘It’s coming,’ he told himself.

A middle-aged man, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist, stood a few feet behind the two blondes. He gave the one to John’s right a pat on the rear, and after she turned and smiled at him, let his towel fall to the floor as he turned and went directly to the bar, his semi-erection bobbing merrily in front of him.

Perhaps a minute passed with nothing further happening. Then John swallowed, as a long, lean, sultry looking brunette with a deep bronze richness to her skin placed herself alongside the two young blondes. She was completely naked, and stood there, feet apart, lightly rubbing her pussy as she looked casually around the room, but not at him.

He realized then that none of them had even glanced his way. He swallowed again, and then coughed nervously.

Three more men and three more women, two of each exquisitely gorgeous, and one of each, soft and flabby, joined the others at the bar. They were all smiling at him, or so it seemed. He nodded politely at them, and they nodded back.

To John, it seemed there were many more people in this room. He was certain that several of the men Argie had blown earlier had not appeared as yet, Then too, the blonde haired woman in the black cocktail dress who had dry-humped him earlier was no where to be seen. He knew that he would recognize her nude, or dressed. She had made a definite impression on him.

A man wearing white jockeys escorted an auburn haired female of indeterminate age, wearing casino şirketleri a loose shift, to join the three women standing in front of him, and then left her to stand at the bar with the others.

Seconds later, another woman, with light brown hair, strode into the room and stood alongside the woman in the loose shift. All she wore was a matching set of powder blue bra and panties.

Dr. Coughlin walked past him, and from the side of his mouth whispered, “Make us proud of you, John.” He too sauntered over to the bar, and stood next to Adonis and Argie.

The woman in the skimpy black cocktail dress strolled slowly across the room and joined the women standing in front of him. She gave the woman wearing bra and panties a peck on the cheek, and whispered something in her ear, making her laugh.

Then she began a slow strip tease. Reaching behind her, she unbuttoned her dress down the back. She made a slow pirouette, and he saw that half her ass was clearly visible.

John had to laugh, not at her, but at himself. Here was a woman standing next to several others who were stark naked, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and she was almost fully clothed.

‘I gotta give her points as a temptress,’ he thought, his eyes raking up and down her body.

The top of the black dress fell to her waist when she shrugged her left shoulder from under the thin strap. Her pert breasts were perfect in their symmetry; her nipples like the ripest of strawberries.

John licked his lips.

The black dress lay coiled at her feet after she gave a seductive shimmy with her hips, and she stood there smiling at him. Except for the black garter belt that held up her thigh-high stockings, she was nude.

John looked at her and caught a fleeting glimpse of what had to be her excited state, glistening in the thin strip of pubic hair surrounding her pussy. The woman obviously had a flair for the dramatic as she bent slightly and sucked one red tip at a time into her mouth, sucking each into a rock-hard erection before expelling it with a soft pop.

The other women alongside her were either smirking, or tittering at her antics. He knew that they had seen her do this before.

John tore his eyes from her to glance at the bar. He thought that most of the men that had tendered their cocks to his wife were now with the others.

‘How many more women are there?’ he asked himself.

As if in answer to his question, seven women left the bar and slowly found places in the line before him. Actually the line was now more of a crescent than anything else. He counted them. Thirteen women stood there in various stages of undress.

‘Thirteen, that must be it,’ he told himself and spread his feet just a little further apart as if to brace himself for an attack.

The Voice rang out suddenly and silence prevailed.

Ladies of the line, please remove any impediment that might preclude Mr. Franck’s getting to your . . . ah . . . charms, will you?”

Those women quickly and efficiently removed their outer and under garments. One of the men in jockey shorts went around collecting the clothing, leaving it all in a pile in the corner of the room.

Thirteen attractive women stood waiting.

Dr. Coughlin and Adonis each brought a small, but comfortable arm chair out, placing one behind one of the two blondes, and the other behind the woman with light brown hair. John recalled that she had worn a loose fitting shift earlier. He noted that her pussy was completely shaven.

Another man brought forth a large pillow and laid it at John’s feet. John saw that it was the same pillow that Argie had used with her men.

He looked up and fixed on the voice. “Shall I . . .” he began.

“Ladies, are you ready for Mr. Franck?”

“We are,” they said in unison.

“Please kneel, Mr. Franck. Those ladies presently standing will approach you in turn. As with Mrs. Franck, a certain time limit will be granted you with each of them. The object is to make one of these lovely ladies climaxes. The climax will not be faked. They have all sworn a holy oath to that effect. Mr. Franck, do you have any questions?”

“Um, the chairs?”

“Yes, the chairs. The two chairs are there primarily to afford you some relief in performing cunnilingus this evening. One spending too long on ones knee’s tends to cramp, and that would not do, would it?”

“When approaching the chairs, you may select any position you desire to have oral sex with its occupant. Is that understood?”

“Yes . . . yes it is.”

“As with casino firmaları Mrs. Franck, when the allotted time with your partner is up, I will call ‘Time.’ Is that clear?”

“I stop and move on . . . or my next partner will come to me, yes,” John answered dully.

“Very good,” said the voice. “Let us begin!”

John had thought one of the two attractive blondes would be the first, and was caught off guard when one of the last women stepped forward. She was at least forty, but bore herself regally as she moved in front of him. Her hair was black, or had been before the grey began to creep in. His eyes dropped to her cunt. It was unshaven and the black there was also spattered with silver threads.

She was wet, that was obvious. Her hands went to her sexual lips and she parted them, revealing the coral within. She took another step, bringing her to within inches of his mouth’s reach.

John reached out and cupped her buttocks, pulling her to him and began to suck on her. He was not gentle. He knew he could be as rough as necessary with each of these women. They were, none of them, novices to any form of sexual depravity, or so he told himself.

He was slobbering over her genitals when the voice called out the dreaded word, ‘Time!’ and he hung his head, feeling the shame at not having brought the woman to a climax.

The woman gave him a scornful look as she made her way to the bar and gave a fiftyish looking man with a paunch a little hug and received one in return.

John was still chiding himself about his failure to eat the woman’s pussy properly, when the second contestant stood before him. It was the one with light brown hair. Her entire crotch was clean shaven.

“You do know how, don’t you?” she said in a taunting fashion.

“I’ll certainly do better this time,” he replied quietly.

As before, he clasped the woman’s rear cheeks and pulled her to him. This time he thought about what he was going to do before doing it. He remembered to bring the clit out from under its hooded hiding place, his tongue was strong and supple, for he loved eating out the members of the opposite sex.

And so, John applied himself, and his mouth, to the task at hand. He began by applying a firm, dispersed pressure on and around the woman’s clit. With her first moan of satisfaction, he switched to a series of soft, sloppy strokes, using plenty of saliva. He had used this exclusively on the first woman without success. But this time his technique was more favorably received.

The light brown haired woman now held his head with both hands, and was murmuring softly, “Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” to just the two of them.

“The ‘voice’ interrupted what was almost sure to be a rousing orgasm for the light brown haired woman. It was obvious to all that she was reluctant in having to make way for another.

John surprised himself and everyone else, by rising to his feet and pulling the woman tightly against his chest.

“Thank you,” he said, “You were delicious.” Then he kissed her on the mouth. She was shuddering and on the brink of cumming when they parted.

“I . . . I hope to see you later,” she said softly, before turning and walking back to the mahogany bar on very shaky legs.

The third woman was the blonde who had been nude as opposed to her partner who had worn a thong. The armchair behind her was brought into play, and the blonde sat down in it directly in front of John, and gingerly lifted each leg over the chair’s arms. This served to expose her pussy’s charms to him to do with as he wished.

As he made ready to go down on the blonde, John glanced over at the bar. Argie stood next to Dr. Coughlin and Adonis. The black man had his arm around her shoulder; it seemed as if they were old, old friends. The middle aged man who had dropped his towel had just started to fuck the first woman John had gone down on. They were going at it doggy-style. Both had their eyes on John and the blonde.

John crouched before the blonde and paused to ask her name.

“Yolanda,” she replied. “Thank you for asking, John.”

He leaned in on her and gave her pussy several long, prolonged strokes with his tongue, starting at her clit and ending at her perineum. She was already very wet. He attacked her clit, delicately sucking, carefully varying the pressure upon it.

She cried out with her first moan, and he let his tongue circle her clit, licking the underside, then directly on the nub itself and closed out by circling around the hood again.

She was moaning continuously now, and he sent two fingers güvenilir casino into her wetness. He remembered to establish a careful rhythm in sucking on her clit.

The blonde’s pelvis was rocking back and forth, meeting his fingers as they surged into her. She was also rolling her hips to make modest adjustments so as to heighten the feel of his tongue on her clit.

“Time,” the voice yelled out.

“No!” The blonde shrieked. “I’m coming!”

“Time . . . Yolanda, remember our rules.” The voice said, admonishing her.

Yolanda refused to comply, and it was John who backed away from her. Yolanda was crying, sitting naked in the arm chair, her cunt dripping with her juices as the edge she had sought so desperately, began to fade.

The long, lean, sultry looking brunette who had been rubbing her pussy as she stood before him stepped forward. John rearranged the pillow in front of her and began eating her immediately.

‘This is number . . . four, I think,’ he told himself. ‘I’m getting closer, and I’m getting better with each one.’

“What’s your name? he asked, tearing his face from her twat momentarily.

“Huh? What?” she said, seeming disoriented.

“Your name, what is it?” John repeated.

“Ivana Rosterserich,” she said with aplomb. “I come from Russian royalty.”

“If I have my way, you’ll come from my mouth too,” he said and returned to her cunt, using his left hand to caress the mound of skin just atop her pubic bone. His tongue teased her clit out from under its hiding place and Ivana’s knees buckled, and she sagged slowly to the floor.

“Time, Time, Time,” the voice called out. “Bring the arm chair over to her. I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Franck. I don’t recall this ever happening before. Ladies and gentleman, shall we start Mr. Franck’s time over again?”

The majority of onlookers concurred, and John was given a fresh start with Ivana. That was in his favor as she was already highly aroused.

John stood this time, and several of the members watching had puzzled expressions on their faces, wondering just what he was up to.

They didn’t have long to wait. John reached out and took Ivana’s ankles, and swung her around in the chair, slowly and carefully, until she was upside down. That is her head was now inches from the floor and her ankles, still firmly gripped in his hands were at the top of the chair.

“Get your back tight up against the back of the chair,” John said commandingly, for the clock was running. Ivana complied, and John parted her legs as one would a wishbone and from his place behind the chair, he dived face first into her cunt. Three seconds later, Ivana gasped, for he had sent his index finger into her ass and his thumb into her cunt.

He started to hum, sending delicious thrills through her clit and out to the other sensitive areas of her genitals.

Ivana began to buck against his face. He left off her clit and sent his tongue into her cuntal cavity as far as it would go. This was about an inch further than the ordinary man’s tongue would travel, and so it was a relatively new experience for the blonde. She shuddered and started to cum.

The voice was about to call ‘Time,’ but held off. He knew that Ivana was entering her climax and let it happen.

John had his tongue and two fingers rampaging through her cauldron hot cunt, and she erupted, shrieking her joy out for all to hear. And were any of the onlookers deaf, they would have known from the copious amount of fluid she spewed forth, covering John’s face and hands.

The woman, who had teased John by stripping off her black cocktail dress, cursed her bad luck at not winning the contest. John would learn later that she had won three of the last four such contests, and had bet a rather large sum of money that she would do so again that evening. The other women all waited for Ivana to recover and then hugged her and offered her their heartfelt congratulations. Then each one approached John and offered themselves to him, before kissing him on the lips.

Argie was the last woman to approach him. “John,” she said, “you were fantastic.”

“I had to be, just to live in the same house as you. You were utterly unbelievable out there. I still can’t believe it.”

“Adonis told me that you broke his record, John.”

“What record?”

“You made the fourth woman cum. The record was six. Or, I should say Adonis ate that many before one came. That makes you the new champion pussy eater. Congratulations, I knew you could do it.”

He wiped his mouth with his arm and laughed. “And what might the record for cocksucking be?”

“I haven’t the foggiest,” Argie replied.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the voice called out in his sonorous voice, “Let us retire to the gardens for libations and games.”

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