My First Date with Hot , Sexy Karen

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I pulled up in front of Karen’s house to pick her up for our first dinner date together and wondered what she would be wearing to impress me. I looked down and re-adjusted my black mini-skirt since I had been playing with my cunt on the drive over to her house! I pulled my black, silk thigh highs tight and reached into my purse pulling out a spray bottle of “Obsession” perfume, pulled the top of my black silk panties out and gave my cunt a couple of sprays so that I would smelled so sweet for her later. The rest of my outfit was made up of a black corset, a sheer black blouse and 6-inch patent leather “CFM” pumps.

Glancing up I saw Karen walking down the sidewalk to my car and she was definitely a vision of loveliness in black and white herself. Karen was wearing a black mini-skirt too, a sheer white silk blouse, a white bustier underneath, sheer white thigh highs and 6-inch black “CFM” pumps too! In my mind I wondered if Karen had a garter belt on underneath her skirt or not holding up those stockings?

My question was answered when Karen opened the car door and slid into the car! Karen’s skirt rode up and I saw that there was no garter belt holding those sexy white thigh highs up!! Oh you looked so sexy my dear Karen I said to myself! Leaning over to her we locked lips with each other and I drove my tongue as deep down Karen’s throat as I could and we sat there making out with each other for at least five minutes!

I squeezed Karen’s perky boobs through her blouse and bustier and they started to heave for me and almost came spilling out right then and there! I never thought that a pair of “32A” cups would turn me on like hers did but I had to catch my breath after squeezing and caressing them! I couldn’t wait until later to free them from the lace and silk that they were encased in right then! We both sat back and adjusted our clothes and headed out to the restaurant for dinner.

Pulling up to the restaurant we put on quite a show for the two valets that open the car doors so that we could get out. We both spread our legs as we got out and gave the young men a view of something that they would never have and would think about for the next couple of hours while we ate dinner and not the erect cocks in their pants!!!

I took Karen’s hand in mine and we walked into the restaurant together hand in hand! We were seated in a booth in a dark corner of the restaurant as I requested when I made the reservations earlier in the week. With the long tablecloths hanging down we were able to better enjoy our dinning experience with each other!

After our waitress took our drink & appetizer order we began to enjoy each other as only two ladies could do in this situation. We were sitting side by side and enjoyed kissing each other ever so gently! Reaching my hand under the tablecloth, I pushed her skirt up and began to pat her silk panty covered cunt with my hand to arouse her and make her hot for me! I pulled her panties over and slid two fingers into her now hot and throbbing cunt…..

Karen began to moan softly and just then our waitress brought our drinks to us! I could tell that she knew something was going on between Karen and me! I sweetly smiled at the waitress and said “I hope that you see that my date and I are enjoying our special dinner and we would appreciate your discretion too” and then “I know that you will enjoy yourself too and we will certainly leave you a generous tip”!

She spent the rest of the evening serving us and enjoying seeing the two of us have some special girl/girl dinner fun! As we were finishing up our dessert of cherries jubilee I slipped the last bahis firmaları spoonful of warm cherries under the tablecloth and pulled Karen’s white silk panties out of the way and inserted the spoonful of warm cherries inside her juicy wet cunt!

As I spun the spoon around inside of Karen’s cunt, I whispered in her ear “I want you to hold this inside of you for me to eat out later when we get home!”

The waitress brought us the check then and as I laid the spoon down on the table, signing the credit card receipt I looked up at her and said “We are leaving you a special dessert spoon for you to lick clean! You will enjoy yourself and the taste of my lady’s juices!” We adjusted our clothes once again and got up and left the restaurant arm in arm!

Our young valets were extremely attentive getting my car; opening the doors and helping the two of us get in the car! Once again we gave them a little show of silk & skin and as my valet leaned down to get my tip I pulled my skirt back so that he could see my naked cunt and whispered to him “Wouldn’t you like to lick this sweetie….” We sped out of the parking lot and on our way to my house to spend the rest of the evening together!

On the way to my house we continued our sex games but I had to resist Karen’s sweet cunt since it was filled with dessert for me to enjoy later! I could tell Karen was having quite a bit of discomfort trying to keep her legs together so that the juicy cherry filling did not escape!

However, pulling my skirt up I reached over and pulled Karen’s head down into my lap so that she could begin to eat my cunt out and get me hot & ready for later! I so enjoyed her tongue darting in and out of my cunt on the twenty minute drive home!

Pulling into my driveway and garage I had to pull Karen’s head from my lap so she would stop eating my cunt! Pulling her up by her hair I give Karen a deep French kiss!

“Let’s go inside so we can get comfortable and better enjoy each other!”

I surprised Karen by removing my blouse and skirt before I got out of the car! Walking around the car I stood in front of her in only my “CFM” pumps, black silk thigh highs, black silk lace corset and a smile!

Karen’s lips began to quiver and the excitement in her eyes at seeing me dressed like this turned me on even more and I took her in my arms and gave her a long deep French kiss again!

I stripped Karen’s white blouse and black mini-skirt off so that she now stood in front of me in only her white lace bustier, white silk panties, white thigh highs and “CFM” pumps! Her perky boobs were heaving up and down so hard and starting to spill out of her bustier as I lead her inside the house by the hand.

We went straight to my bedroom where I lead Karen to the waiting bed that I had prepared earlier by sprinkling perfume and rose petals all over it! As she stood in front of me I slowly stripped the rest of her sexy lingerie off except for her white thigh highs which I love the feel of rubbing against mine!

I pushed Karen gently back onto my bed and once again I surprised her by pulling two pairs of red thigh highs out of my dresser along with a red leather dog collar!

I tied Karen’s ankles and hands up with the red thigh highs and then tied her spread eagle to each of the four posts of my bed! I next began to slowly strip out of my lingerie so that all I had left on were my black silk thigh highs and 6-inch patent leather “CFM” pumps!

Taking the red leather collar in my hands I wrapped it around Karen’s throat and clasped it together! “You are now mine to do with and enjoy all night and all kaçak iddaa weekend too!” Slipping a pillow under her ass so that her dark hair covered cunt was more available to me I stepped back and sat in a chair and took in the view of my handiwork!!!

Sitting in my chair I decided to have my way with Karen and so I began to finger my clit with one hand and fondled my 38DD boobs with the other hand! I alternated squeezing each of my boobs with one hand while also pinching my nipples hard and twisting them too!

Using the fingernail of my index finger I began to flick my clit with it so that it became erect like a female version of a little cock. I could see that this was making Karen very hot and eager for my attention because she began to twist her hips back and forth and up and down and moaned for me!

Picking up a pair of my used black panties that I had worn all day I gagged Karen with them so that she would have the taste of me in her mouth to make her crave me even more.

Judging from the way Karen was twisting and squirming on my bed I saw that she was ready for my attention and I got up and slowly made my way over to the bed and lay down between her legs.

The juice from the cherries jubilee began to seep out of Karen’s cunt and slowly make its way down to her tight brown asshole! Taking my tongue I began to slowly rim her asshole and licked my way up the seam between her asshole and cunt enjoying the taste of the combined juices!

Inserting the index finger of my left hand inside Karen’s tight asshole I began to finger fuck her ass ever so gently! With my tongue I also began to dig the cherries out of her cunt one at a time and savor them in my mouth as I chewed them and swallowed them slowly!

Finger fucking Karen’s tight asshole faster and faster she began to grind her cunt into my face! This continued for nearly ten minutes until I had eaten all the cherries out of her cunt except for one final one which I dug out with my tongue and held in my mouth.

With a giant heave from Karen’s chest I felt her climax coming on and I drove my finger up her tight asshole as far as I could and my thumb into her cunt as hard and as far as I could too!

Karen’s climax made her scream at the top of her lungs shouting my name at the top of her lungs and I pulled my panties out of her mouth so that she could continue to scream! Using my thumb in her hairy cunt and my index finger in her asshole, I squeezed them together and pinched the inside of her so that she would keep cumming for me!

Karen begged me to stop but my cum soaked hands knew better! I lifted her up and dropped her back down on the pillow and left her there with her sticky cum dripping out of her cunt and soaking the pillow as I climbed off of the bed and went to sit in my chair to relax and ready myself for our next fuck session!

Sitting in my chair, I relaxed and looked over at Karen’s hot & sexy body as she laid there tied spread eagle on my bed! I slowly chewed the last cherry that I licked from her cunt and getting up I walked over to the bed and bent down and kissed your mouth deeply and let the chewed up cherry slid into your open mouth!

“Enjoy this while it lasts my sweet Karen because it’s going to be the last thing you get to eat tonight except for my cunt!”

Standing up I walked back to my chair and sat down! After about 10-15 minutes of rest and as I sipped a glass of chilled red wine I had an idea for what I was going to do to Karen next! I opened the drawer on the table next to my chair and took out the black leather harness for my strap-on dildos!

Standing kaçak bahis up I slipped the harness on and tightened it up so I could make use of the strap-on dildos in the drawer in Karen’s juicy cunt and tight asshole! I had a special one in mind for her and I reached down and took it out of the drawer and attached it to the harness.

It was a 7-inch black rubber dildo nearly three inches in diameter that I had bought especially for using on her, my sweet & juicy Karen!

Sitting in my chair resting, I took out a tube of cherry flavored lubricant and covered my black rubber cock with it! I slowly began to stroke it and worked the lubricant into it so that it would be ready for Karen’s juicy cunt! I stroked my big black rubber cock for a few minutes more as I watched her face and when her eyes couldn’t stay off my cock and she was begging me to fuck her I slowly got up and holding my rubber cock steady I walked over to the bed and climbed between her wide spread legs and got ready to fuck her waiting cunt!

The look in Karen’s eyes changed to one of terror when she actually saw how thick and large my rubber cock truly was!

I lifted Karen’s ass up and slid another pillow under it and threw her bound legs over my shoulders so that her juicy and throbbing cunt was on the level with my rubber cock!

Reaching into the table next to my bed I pulled out a set of nipple clamps with 8-oz weights attached to them and clipped them onto Karen’s hard erect nipples and let the weights hang off the sides of your 32A boobs!

Taking a length of thin nylon rope out of the drawer I began to tightly wrap it around her boobs so that they became very sensitive and turned a dark shade of purple! I slapped each of them a few times to make certain that the pain Karen felt with each slap was as intense as I had planned!

Karen screamed out each time I slapped one of her boobs and when I thought that she was ready I took my rubber cock and slammed it into her waiting cunt until she had taken take the entire seven inches inside of her! I held it inside of her as I reached down and squeezed the nipple clamps tightly until I saw a few drops of blood begin to ooze out of her nipples!

I then began to pull my cock slowly out of Karen’s cunt and pounded it back in over and over! Slowly at first but with a steady rhythm I pounded her hot & steamy cunt with my strap-on dildo! I continued to pound her cunt for about twenty minutes until she started to beg me to stop!

“Stop you say my little slut! I am only just beginning to fuck this cunt of yours!”

With that I sped up the pounding with my big black cock as Karen tried to twist and squirm away from me to no avail! I kept the steady pounding of her cunt going for another half an hour until my hips began to tire. With a few final thrusts of my rubber cock I felt her second orgasm begin to erupt and with one last thrust of my rubber cock she began to once again scream and quiver all over!

Karen’s body was out of control as I pulled my cock out of her cunt! Her hot & sticky cum began to flow out of her and down the crack into her tight asshole! I straddled her face and forced my cum covered cock into her mouth and told her to lick it clean for me! This she did willingly because she wanted me to use it on her again but I had other ideas for Karen!

Climbing off of Karen’s face, I stood by the side of the bed and spanked her throbbing cunt with my hand over and over again until she came for me again! I pulled the pillows out from under her ass and licked my fingers clean!

Slowly walking to my bedroom door with my big black rubber cock in my hand I turned off the lights and told Karen that I would be back in the morning to finish her off but I had to go satisfy my lady lover in her bedroom now!!!

Sweet dreams my Sweet Lady Karen! Sweet Dreams!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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