My New Neighbors Pt. 01

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My name is Joann McCabe but my friends call me Jo. I used to live in New York but my husband died from a long illness a couple of years ago and I now decided to make some changes in my life, so I moved to Tarpon Springs, Florida, the nudist resort capital, and since I have no children and really no family to speak of, this was the right time. I was lucky enough to be able to relocate for work and able to purchase a nice house with a pool for a great price.

My boss let me take a month off with pay to settle in.

I am 35 years old, 5’7″, 130, 34c, red hair, green eyes and in good shape from exercising and a trimmed red pussy.

When I bought the house I knew I wanted to change the appliances and upgrade the bathroom cabinet. I also needed to do some work, like painting, changing rugs, installing a security fence for privacy since I like to swim and sunbathe naked and various odds and ends. I had a mover bring my stuff down and I expected it to be a few days before it arrived so I used an air mattress in the meantime as had some kitchen items to use in the meantime.

Anyway, as I was getting settled in one of my neighbors, Maggie Johnson came over introduced herself to me and brought me some cookies. I invited her in and I made us some coffee. She wore short shorts and an almost see through tank top without a bra.

Maggie was very attractive, in her early 30’s, my height, about 135, long blonde hair, blue eyes, about a 36b and a great shape.

Over coffee, I showed her what had to be done and I told her that I would be doing some of the work myself but I would need help on other things that needed to be done. She told me that her and her husband would love to help as they both did modest construction work on the side.

I told her that I would pay them but she said I would only have to pay for any materials. I told her she had a deal. I made arrangements for them to start over the weekend and we were both excited. Maggie said she would start helping me the next day.

Over the next few days, I started painting the interior of my house with the help of Maggie. It was fun having a person to talk to while working. By the time we finished, we had more paint on us than on the walls. In a couple of days, the painting was done.

My security fence was installed and my pool man got my salt water pool up and running.

The weekend came and Maggie brought over her hubby Tom and introduced him. He was a real gentleman. He was in his early 30’s, stood around 6′, about 180, brown hair and brown eyes and from what he wore, I could see he was definitely in good shape.

He asked what had to be done and I told him that the rugs had to be picked up as new carpeting was coming on Monday. I also told him that I needed to get a new bathroom cabinet which he said he would install for me.

The three of us spent the weekend ripping up the old carpeting and padding and removing the wood tacking strips along the walls.

Before we finished, I ordered pizza and the three of us enjoyed the pizza with some cold beers.

We finally finished and it was time for them to leave when Maggie asked if she had a plumber lined up for the bathroom work. I told her I didn’t yet, but needed one soon because I now found a leak under the kitchen sink that had to be fixed. She then told me that she would come over in the morning to fix it. I thanked her and told her I would see her in the morning.

I got up early and threw on old shorts and a white tee-shirt and left off my bra.

The next morning, Maggie arrived wearing shorts and a tank top clearly without a bra. She had her tools and I took her to the kitchen sink. She took a look at the leak and said she could fix it as it wouldn’t take long.

Just then I got a call from the rug company and they said they had a problem and wouldn’t be there until the next morning.

I told Maggie she could take her time as the rug guys weren’t coming until tomorrow.

We decided to have coffee first before she started. For whatever reason, I said to her, “Maggie, you look great in your work clothes. I should look do good,” as I laughed.

Then Maggie said, “Hey Jo, you look great. I’d be over here everyday doing work for you if you dressed like that all the time.”

After awhile, Maggie went to work and started fixing the leak. Then, all of a sudden, the pipe sprung a leak and Maggie got soaked before she could shut off the water. Being determined, she eventually finished and fixed the leak.

I laughed as she crawled out from under the sink. She was soaking wet as we both started laughing. She looked like she was in a wet tee-shirt contest. I grabbed a towel and started drying her off.

I then said, “Maggie, get out of those wet clothes and dry off. I’ll get you something to wear. I went to my bedroom and got a pair of shorts a tee-shirt and a thong.

As I got back to Maggie, she was casino şirketleri drying her back and her blonde pussy and tits were a sight to behold. As I kept looking, I got a strange feeling in my pussy that I never had before. I then handed her the clothes and she thanked me. She dropped the towel and slowly put on the shorts and tee-shirt. She was handing me back the thong and smiled and said, “Thanks anyway Jo, but I never wear any, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to keep them instead as a souvenir.” I smiled and told her she could keep them.

Maggie then said, “Maybe I’ll wear them for Tom the next time we make love and I’ll think of you as he takes them off of me.”

I started laughing and said to her, “Ok, but then you will have to tell me all about it.”

She smiled and replied, “Not only would I definitely tell you about it, I would show you, if you like.”

Then I got that feeling in my pussy again as my mouth suddenly got dry. I started thinking to myself (is she saying what I think she is saying or is it my imagination) So, I decided to take it a step further to get her reaction and said, “Oh, are you saying what I think you are saying?”

Maggie looked at me and said, “What do you think I am saying Jo?”

I replied, “Well, to be honest Maggie, I am not sure but it sounded like you would like to have sex with me. If I am wrong, I apologize. It must be my imagination since I haven’t had sex since my husband died a couple of years ago. I am sorry.”

Maggie then said, “Jo, it isn’t your imagination. I do want you. Look, why don’t we go over to my place now?”

I looked at her and was tongue tied and sheepishly nodded a yes. Then we went over to her place not knowing what to expect since I have never been with a woman.

We walked over and Maggie gave me a quick tour and we wound up in her master bathroom.

As we talked, Maggie started removing her shorts and tee-shirt and stood before me naked. As I ogled her beauty, she said, “Jo, why don’t you join me in the shower to freshen up?”

I looked at her and whispered an ok and started removing my shorts and tee-shirt and finally my thong.

Maggie stared at my nakedness and came to me. She pulled my body to hers and kissed me as our tits pressed together. For a few seconds I just let her kiss me then I returned her kiss. I let her tongue slip into my mouth as her hands roamed all over my body.

I soon found my hands feeling her nakedness as our kisses got more intense. In an instant, my hand moved down and my fingers brushed against her trim blonde bush. She grabbed my hand and placed it at her slit and whispered, “Jo, slip your fingers in my cunt. Make me cum.”

Without hesitation, I slipped my fingers in her cunt and started finger fucking her. Her moans got louder as I fucked her harder and faster.

Suddenly, Maggie screamed out, “That’s it…I am cumming Jo…Yessssss.” I held her as her body went into spasms. It seemed like forever before she calmed down.

We finally got into the shower and Maggie and I embraced and kissed as the warm water cascaded over our naked bodies.

When we dried off, Maggie took me to her bedroom and she looked at me and said, “Jo, if you don’t want to, I understand. You don’t have to.”

Just then I got a call from the movers. They said they would be at my house in a half hour. I told Maggie I had to go because the movers were almost here

I looked at her and said, “Maggie, I think I do. I have never done this before and I don’t want to screw things up. Can I think about it and let you know tomorrow?”

Maggie smiled and said, “I understand. Take your time and in any case, I hope we will still be very good friends.”

I looked at her and kissed her and replied, “Thanks. No matter what, I will always be your friend.” Then I kissed her again and got dressed and went back home.

About thirty minutes later, the movers arrived and brought in all my furniture. In two hours they were gone.

I called Maggie and told her to come over to see. Within ten minutes she was here. She said everything looked nice and said that it will all look even better with the new rugs.

As she was leaving, I said to her, Maggie, I do like you a lot and I hope I didn’t make you angry before. You know, I think I do want you but I am afraid. Besides, what about Tom?”

Maggie replied, “Jo, you did not make me angry and I should apologize to you for being so forward. As far as Tom goes, he knows I like women. I don’t keep secrets from him. And, I want to be honest with you, so I have to tell you that he has enjoyed my girlfriends with me from time to time. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

I was a bit shocked and replied, “Maggie, what you and Tom do in bed is your business and if you are ok with it then that is great. And, I must be honest with you too. My late husband shared me with his friends at times casino firmaları also, something which I now miss.”

Maggie looked shocked and said, “My goodness Jo, we are alike. We are both sluts” She said laughingly.

I laughed with her and said, “So Maggie, how big is Tom?”

Maggie laughed and replied, “Tom is well endowed. His cock is about 8″ and he knows how to use it. And, he cums a ton.”

We must have laughed for a half hour. Then I looked at Maggie and quietly said, “Don’t go. Let’s do it. Teach me. Take me.”

We walked into my bedroom and we stripped naked. We kissed and we got on the bed.

Maggie was very gentle and her warm caresses felt so nice. My nipples were rock hard as were hers. I instinctly started sucking her nipple as she squeezed my tits. Our hands roamed all over each other. My legs spread wide as I let her have complete access to my treasure. I was moaning and with each of her touches, my moans got louder.

Then I felt her fingers at my slit. I panicked for a second then relaxed and whispered to her to do it. In a second, I felt her fingers slipping into my wet cunt. My body arched up a bit as I could feel her fingers sliding in and out of me.

I whispered to her, “Maggie, don’t stop. It feels so good.” As she was fingering me, I pushed her face over my tits and told her to suck my nipples. Soon Maggie was going from one nipple to the other sucking them as she was finger fucking me.

Then she mounted me and started rubbing her pussy against mine. The friction from rubbing our pussies together was too much. I started screaming out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” My body arched up and my body had orgasm after orgasm and went on for an eternity.

Finally, my body relaxed and Maggie smiled and gave me a big kiss and asked if I was ok.

I smiled at her and thanked her and told her that was the best sex in a long time. Maggie smiled and said she enjoyed it immensely and hugged me.

We rested awhile and did it all again. This time she went down to my pussy and started eating me, something that my husband loved doing and so did I. It wasn’t long before we wound up in 69 and I got my first taste of pussy. I knew then why my husband loved eating me. Maggie’s pussy had a delicate taste and aroma. Her juices were intoxicating and it didn’t take either of us long before we both had orgasms again. Before we knew it, it was time for Maggie to go home to prepare dinner.

I thanked her for a great time and she said she would be here tomorrow when the carpet company came, to be with me.

As she was leaving I said to her, “Maggie, are you going to tell Tom about us?” Maggie looked at me and replied, “Jo, do you want me to tell Tom?” I responded, “You know, I am not sure. He will probably think I am a slut. But then again, from what you told me about him and how you and him enjoy another woman, it might not be such a bad idea if you tell him. I’ll let you decide on what to do. 8″ you said? Hmmm.”

Maggie then left laughing.

The next day the carpet men got here early and as they were laying the padding, Maggie came over. We enjoyed some coffee as the guys installed the padding and rugs. It took them about three hours to install everything and the rugs looked great with the furniture.

They left just before noon.

Finally, I got my chance to ask Maggie, “Well, did you tell Tom?” Maggie smiled and said, “What do you think?” I replied, “I think you did tell him. And you probably told him that you were my first, that I was a lesbian virgin, so to speak.”

Maggie laughed and said, “You are right. I did tell him. He said he knew I would try to bed you because you are so pretty. He told me to tell you that he likes you as well and is happy for us both.”

Maggie continued, “One more thing Jo, I also told him that you have enjoyed threesomes with your husband other men before and enjoyed them. Tom told me to tell you that if you needed him for anything, just let me or him know. I am ok with it.”

I smiled and told her I would.

I then invited her to my bed and we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying each other’s body as best we could.

Before we got dressed, I told Maggie I wanted her to do me a favor. She said she would. I then told her to take a picture or two of me from the neck down to give to Tom as a gift from me.

Maggie smiled and got her cell phone and took a couple of pictures of me naked, but from the neck down, to give to Tom.

On her way out, I said to Maggie, “Hey Maggie, if you guys need a third, let me know. I am ready.”

She looked at me and smiled and said, “I definitely will.”

Well, the appliances came and the house was finished, almost. I still had the bathroom cabinet to change. I called Maggie and asked if Tom could come over to take a look and do the measuring. She said they would be right over.

In a few minutes they güvenilir casino both arrived and I took them to the bathroom so Tom could do his measuring. It wasn’t long before he finished. I told him the cabinet I wanted and he said he would order it the next day and as soon as it came in, he would install it.

I invited them to have a cup of coffee before they left.

We chatted a bit and it didn’t take long before the subject got around to sex.

Tom said, “Jo, I know Maggie told you about us and she told me a bit about yourself and if you need me for anything, just let me or Maggie know. By the way, thank you for the pictures. And, before I forget, Maggie looked great in your thong. Would you do me a favor?”

I looked at him and said, “Sure. That’s the least I can do for all your help. What is it?”

Tom replied, “Maggie has your thong in her bag. Would you put it on and model it for me?”

I looked at him and smiled and said, “Tom, I would love to model it for you. Maggie, give it to me.”

Maggie pulled the thong out of her bag and handed it to me. I asked Tom if he wanted to watch me put it on and he nodded a yes.

I took them to my bedroom and without batting an eye, I started removing my clothes. As I removed my tee-shirt I could feel my nipples getting hard. I then removed my shorts, then my bra and finally my thong.

They never took their eyes off of me and I could feel the juices in my pussy starting to ooze out.

I was now naked in front of my neighbors. I took the thong and slipped it on and started modeling it for Tom.

Just then, I saw Maggie with her cell phone. She asked, “Is it ok if I take a video?” I smiled and told her it was fine.

I continued modeling and Tom said that Maggie and I could pass for sisters and that I was really lovely. I then noticed Tom had his fully erect cock out and was jerking it slowly. I stopped for a second and and looked at Maggie who just smiled.

I walked over to Tom and knelt in front of him. Without hesitation I moved my mouth to his cock and started sucking it. God, his cock felt so good in my mouth as I continued my sucking.

Then I heard Maggie say, “Why don’t we all get comfortable and get on the bed?”

In seconds, the three of us were naked and on my bed with Tom in the middle. Maggie and I both played with Tom’s cock when he said, “I would love to watch you two lovebirds in action.”

Maggie crawled over Tom and got next to me. I could see Tom watching as Maggie and I enjoyed each other.

After awhile, Tom said, “Maggie, is it ok now?” Maggie looked at him, then me and said, “Jo, Tom wants to fuck you now. Is it ok?” I looked at them and said, “It’s ok but Tom has to cum on me not in my cunt this time.”

As soon as I said that, Maggie moved out of the way and Tom mounted me.

It didn’t take him long to get his big, hard cock in my cunt and boy, did it feel good. He started fucking me slowly then picked up the pace. It wasn’t long before he said he was ready to cum. He pulled out his cock, gave it a couple of jerks and sprayed my tits and stomach with his cum. God, it felt good having his warm cum all over me. Just then Maggie came over and mounted me and we started rubbing our pussies together and soon we were both moaning and cumming.

After quite awhile, we got cleaned up and Tom and Maggie headed home.

The next day I immediately went and got birth control protection.

Around dinner time Maggie called and asked if she could come over. I told her she could and before I knew it, she was knocking on my door.

I poured Maggie a cup of coffee and asked her what’s up. She said that she and Tom talked about yesterday and we both wanted to know if you were ok with everything. I told her I was very happy and I hadn’t enjoyed sex like that in a long time.

She smiled and said, “I am glad to hear that because Tom and I would like you to be our steady partner from now on. We both really love you and we think you could really enhance our threesome. Also, Tom said that since you liked threesomes with men, he would be happy to arrange them for you whenever you had the need. What do you think?”

I was stunned and then replied, “Wow, you got me by surprise. I really enjoyed our threesome and look forward to more of them since I am now hooked on you. So, I would love to be your third when you do a threesome. As far as other guys, I would like it if Tom could arrange them, as long as he was involved. Oh, by the way, tell Tom he could shoot his cum in me from now on since I am now protected.”

Maggie smiled and said, “Jo, I am glad you are ok with everything. Tom will be happy also. And, so you know, the video of you modeling came out great. We both thank you for that.”

After she left, I thought to myself how lucky I was now. I have a new home, new friends and a new sexual awakening.

By the end of the month, my house was completed. My job was terrific. I was able to sunbathe and swim naked and the best was I have two new lovers who I enjoy immensely.

I can only dream of what lies in store for me, sexually.


Look for Part 2

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