My Second Time

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All participants in sexual acts are at least eighteen year old, or older.


Wow! I was her “Boy Toy!” That’s what Claire had called me before shooing me out and home after our evening of torrid sex.

Let me tell you, there was very little sleep for me that night. Jeez, I tossed and turned and fondled an almost constant erection until compelled into getting up around 2:30 to jerk off.

Even then it wouldn’t go down as the thoughts of what had happened to me yesterday and various scenarios of what else could or would happen to me in the future kept me wide awake and horny as hell.

Around four am I reminded myself of the promise of more that coming afternoon and finally dozed off.

The next morning I did show up at school and realized that nobody seemed to think I looked any different or kidded me about the cock-measuring contest I’d been in the day before.

With a start I remembered that none of the guys involved went to my school, and Foxy, the #%[email protected]&! that got me into it went to St. Michael’s several blocks away.

It was kind of depressing NOT to be able to share the adventures with anyone, but I’d promised Claire I wouldn’t, and wanting more of her, I kept my word.

I did find myself looking at the girls somewhat differently, a little more confidently perhaps, and the first two classes raced by.

I cut my pre-lunch class as scheduled and arrived at Claire’s promptly at 11:30. We were to have lunch together. I was concerned because I had to be at work by three and even though Claire had assured me we had plenty of time I was still nervous.

My erection was harder than Chinese arithmetic, and I had great difficulty hiding it from the moment I left school until arriving at Claire’s.

It may have been my imagination, but I could swear several women stared at my crotch as I walked along the street to Claire’s apartment. In later years I came to learn that some women have perfected the art of undressing a man in the most discreet manner imaginable and have an innate sense of a man’s sexual arousal. In short, it’s very possible they knew I was horny as hell.

I knocked at Claire’s door and heard her call out that the door was open and to come in, which I did. As the door closed behind me, Claire called out a sultry greeting from the bedroom.

I stumbled, tripping over my own feet getting in there. She was fully clothed and gave me a soft, quick wet kiss on the lips and backed away to sit on the bed as I stood in place awaiting instructions.

I couldn’t help but touch myself as Claire raised her leg high and started to remove her black boots. I never thought to wonder why she was even wearing them at the time so mesmerized was I with the generous view up her skirt she was providing.

Giggling, she glanced up at me and chided me.

“Sweetie-pie, aren’t you going to wait until we’re both ready?”


“You’d be ungentlemanly by starting without me,” she continued, her face a mask of seriousness; her lacquered red fingernail pointing at my groin.

I must have blushed scarlet because she looked me in the eye and smiled. The peal of delightful sounding laughter poured forth from her slender, swan-like throat. I managed an embarrassed smile and looked down at my shoes, managing not to look at the formidable bulge in my pants.

“Sit there,” Claire said rubbing her cheek. “I want us to be able to see one another.”

And I sat there, enthralled with her beauty and remembrances of the night before. I gaped at her, wanting to leap across the space separating us and bury her beneath me in a passionate embrace.

“Just open your mouth and let the words come out Frank. It’s easy. Go on, talk to me.”

I was awash in thoughts of tongues and tits and cunts and cocks commingled together. I knew full well that she sensed my desire for I certainly sensed hers. And, there was that scent I was breathing in, unmistakable in its feminine allure. My prick was never harder

(Well, that’s a judgment call, alright?”)

“So talk to me!”

“Err, what?”

“Just talk to me. I want to hear your voice.”

“I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Just open your mouth and let the words come out. Come on Frank… it’s easy.”

“Okay,” I said nervously, “you’re more beautiful today than you were yesterday.”

“Oh! Frank,” she gushed, obviously pleased. I had surprised her.

“How nice,” she beamed, “You’re gonna do just fine.”

Claire’s fingernail traced a circle on my upper thigh, “Keep going,” she said with a wide smile.

“I think I’m gonna cum in my pants before long, I’m very … excited, Claire.”

“Well don’t!” She said, her divine lips forming a pout.

I had a vision of the day before while racing out for condoms; my knees began to buckle.

“I want you to save it for me. For me, understand?”

I knew she wasn’t angry, but she was deadly serious.

“Yes, but how?”

“Concentrate. Think of something different.”

“Like what?”

“Do a math problem in your head. You like baseball, think about casino oyna yesterday’s game. Something like that.”

I got the point. I concentrated on my driving manual’s sample questions and answers. Somehow my prick began to thaw. (This little exercise has helped me numerous times since. Another thank you note never sent.)

“You have such a beautiful face yourself,” she said softly. “Did you know that?”

I could swear she was purring. I touched my face as if to discover it for myself.

“Angelic,” she murmured happily, as her fingernail roamed along the side of my dick.

“But with a cock as formidable as Michael the Archangel’s sword. Oh yes, I’m a lucky girl to be getting fucked by you. But don’t let that go to your head Frank.”

Heaving her hips from the bed and pulling her skirt up around her waist, she asked, “Tell me how you got yourself involved in that weird contest?”

I stared in awe. To this day I can still envision Claire hooking her thumbs under her black tights and pulling them down. Oh, God she was beautiful!

She raised her legs, kicked the tights off, and for the second time in my life I gazed through her revealing panties at the mysterious area withheld from me until yesterday, and marveled at the wonder of it all.

“Come on, tell me,” Claire repeated as that tormenting fingernail circled the head of my cock like a vulture idly inspecting its prey.

So I did. After I finished Clare was silent for a moment.

“With friends like that you don’t need enemies. I’m flattered that I was the lucky one to take you home with me,” she said in a soft undertone, and passed the tip of each middle finger quickly over the tip of her tongue like someone about to turn the page of a book. Then those same moistened fingertips traveled down to the areola surrounding each nipple and moved purposefully round and round causing both to quickly rise up like mini-erections.

Of course, I had never seen anyone do that before, and my own erection loomed forth prodigiously against the fabric of my pants.

Claire looked down at it, and licking her lips, said, “Oh, my! Off! Off! Get them off!” she cried, obviously as excited as I was.

“I want to see. I want to suck!” she grasped her left breast with her right hand and pulled on the nipple with the other as though masturbating.

The only sound in the bedroom was my belt unbuckling, followed by the lowering of my zipper. Then pants dropped to the floor with a thud.

In my haste, I almost ripped my shorts off. Soon afterward, I was bending down and hobbling on one foot as I removed my socks and shoes while standing. Lastly, I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and tossed it casually on a nearby chair and stood there, penis erectus, ready to conquer the world.

Claire put her feet firmly on the floor and wriggled out of her panties. Her dampened pubic hair sparkled from the reflected light pouring in the window. That image is also vivid now, as I pause from my writing … her fingers wandered under the elastic and peeled those lime green panties from her body. She was completely naked now, except for the lime green panties in her hand. I recall envying the shadows hovering upon her skin. I had this overpowering urge to lick and kiss her everywhere, though I still harbored certain reservations about things that were considered taboo by the guys.

Claire’s breasts were full, particularly in contrast with her narrow waist and thin arms, their nipples, still taut from her earlier massage pointed upward. Her pubic hair parted naturally, affording me a glimpse of her vagina whose swollen lips awaited me. Soon, I thought, soon. I took a firm grip on myself.

With a giggle, Claire twirled her underpants over her head on one finger round and round until finally they flew off her hand and landed at my feet.

“Lucky shot,” she said, giggling some more as she sank slowly before me to the floor. I picked them up and held them to my nose and inhaled. The musky odor assailed my nostrils. I closed my eyes and found myself heady with lust.

“Why not wear them over your face?” Claire asked, smiling.

I pulled them over my head.

“Can you smell my pussy?” She asked lewdly.

“Oh yes. Yes I can. And it’s a wonderful smell Claire,” I said reassuringly, surprised that I could see her clearly through the gauze-like material.

“Good, because I smell something good myself,” her eyes gleamed and she licked those wanton, salacious lips of hers seductively.

I was ready to bust a load and began stroking my cock, rubbing the early seepage around and into my purple knob. As I manipulated myself I became aware of her breathing, which had intensified.

Claire moved a couple feet away from me and said, “Now watch me, but don’t touch me, understand?”

I nodded.

“Look at what you did to me Frank.”

Claire’s thumbs were hooked inside her pussy and she was spreading it wide apart. The hot pink color leapt out at me.

“I’m opening my pussy for you to see my clit.” Her voice dripped sex.

My hand froze, my jaw dropped open and canlı casino my eyes bulged out of my head!

“See, Frank, it’s swelling from me touching it.”

I must have been drooling by then, but I still heard Claire whisper huskily; “Look at MY hardon Frank.”

Oh, I did, I did.

“Watch as my finger rubs all around it…” Claire licked her lips. “Mmmm mmmm, I’d love to feel you suck it into your mouth Frank,” she murmured, becoming the siren luring the thirsty sailor.

“Want to feel your tongue pressing and flicking at it …” she hissed snakelike and curled her tongue then pulled it back.

“Mmmmmm, Frank, she croaked, “gimme a lick here baby.”

I dropped to my knees and crawled closer.

“You’re probably thinking that it’s disgusting,” Claire crooned to me as I moved within inches of her. Most guys wouldn’t ever think of doing that … for a girl; although they don’t mind a girl going down on them, do they Frank?”

Mesmerized, I could only nod affirmatively. That’s exactly what the guys had said to me. Somehow it didn’t seem fair to me. I reeled closer, drawing in her pungent aroma, entranced by the liquid covering her fingers, which were now oozing in and out of her tight salmon-colored cavern.

“You know Frank, when my thumb nail rubs against it, like this …” and she flicked it just so. “Mmmmm, it tingles Frank! Oh, and it throbs to … can you imagine how gooood it feels?”

Both my dick and my mouth were drooling as I nodded.

“Frank, if you wanted to you could put your head right between my legs right now … ”

Claire’s thighs parted some more.

“Mmmmm what a wonderful thought,” she sighed.

“Okay,” I whispered hoarsely.”

“Would you?” Her voice grew deeper.

“Wha… What do I do?”

“Mmmmmmm…Frankie baby, I seem to be soaked here.” Claire seemed not to have heard me as she inserted her middle finger and seemed to stir it around. Quivering, she pulled her finger out and offered it to me.

Without hesitating, I accepted it. My tongue licked it feverously, trying to overcome the taboo and assimilate the taste. Slowly Claire withdrew the finger. There had been no awful odor, no repellent taste, rather I found her to be sweet and sour at the same time.

“Watch me Frank, she cooed, and thrust three fingers inside her.

“I can feel them Frank… three fingers… ” she shivered as I placed a hand on her shoulder to maintain my balance.

“Mmmmmm, so tight… why look Frank, they’re… ” she sucked in her breath, “stretching me, Frank. Look how open I am for you baby.”

I inched closer to her, my nose brushed against her pubic hairs.

“I’m rubbing my clit Frankie.”

Oh, yeah, no lie there.

“Oh look at me baby, look at me. I’m so fucking wet baby…”

Another revelation, I loved hearing her say “fuck.”

I kissed her belly surprising Claire, who drew in her breath. My tongue did a lap or two around her belly button.

Claire rasped, “Oh yes, baby! Come on down!”

I began a series of small, light kisses that could only lead to one place.

Her fingers fluttered in front of my face capturing my attention. I paused in my kissing, focused on those fingers. Claire raised herself up slightly and slid one hand under her ass, the fingers of her other hand moved fleetingly upon her clit.

I resumed my nipping kisses. She moaned saying, “Let me tell you about my pussy Frank. There’s a lot to it, ya know.” She was panting hard and I could hear the squishing sound her juices made as she plied those fingers in and out of her cunt. Then I realized fingers on her other hand were moving in and out as well, but from her ass!

I continued my trail of wet sloppy kisses into her bush and then I arrived at her pussy. A tentative lick… a taste bud savoring… and I went for it.

“Mmmmmmm, baby, that’s nice! Claire likes that very much!”

“You taste good, Claire.”

“Ohhhhhh, God, sweetheart!”

“Is it okay, Claire?”

“Of course it’s okay, baby,” she said, lowering her face and kissing the top of my head.

I continued kissing and licking, emboldened now, I took her large lip into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

Claire responded by grasping my head with both hands and holding my face in place.

“Ohhh fuck! There!” she instructed, Right there!”

“Ohhh, do it! Ummmm, yes, yes, yes! Oh, Frankie… there, ahhhh! Right there!”

My prick was so rigid I started to rise to get some relief, but Claire called out in a hoarse whisper, “No, stay put!”

I putted. Sucking her enlarged clit as she’d instructed me.

“There!” She called suddenly. “There! Oh, right there! Oh, GOD that feels so nice!”

I stopped using my mouth for a moment, letting my fingers slip inside her teasing that spot she was raving about. Curious, I spread her legs further apart, to obtain a better view of her pussy.

With the blinds drawn the room was almost dark except for several thin rays of sunlight spilling in and falling across the bed. Two rays highlighted her wet vaginal furrow until kaçak casino I blotted them out by lowering my face once again.

I don’t know how long I pleasured her this way. Claire moaned all the while as I licked her, sucked her, nipped her, and caressed her. My fingers roamed upward, discovered her hardened nipples and plied them, bringing forth even louder moans. Claire’s arms were thrown back behind her head, which was shaking from side to side. Her hands held tightly to the headboard, and when I slowly bit down into the flesh of her clitoris, she screamed and went rigid, moaning, “No more, no more, no more. It hurts. No more.”

I hesitated for a moment then began sucking her clit again.

Claire moaned. “Oh, God. I’m going to come again Frank. Stay there. Watch me come. Watch me now.”

I withdrew far enough to see what she was talking about. Both her hands were working almost frenziedly on her cunt. Her ass rose up from the bed, only to fall back then rise up again. Claire stuck her tongue out trying in vain to lick her breast, but she could only reach the beginning of her cleavage, where drops of her saliva pooled and flickered faintly in the dim afternoon lighting.

She didn’t seem to mind this failure.

Then she was smiling, as she calmly said, “I’m there! I’m there! I’m there! Mmmmmm! So good! Oh, so nice.”

The rest of her words vanished in the scream of joy erupting from her as her body spasmed from the final chords her fingers played out upon her clitoris and cunt. Slowly, Claire came to rest, until finally she turned her hands palms-up upon her thighs and let her head fall back gently on the pillow so she was staring up at the ceiling. She smiled contentedly and purred. Slowly, her chin came down until she was able to look at me again.

She just lay there, looking at me. I glanced furtively at my hardon. The pre-cum was oozing copiously from the tip.

“That was wonderful,” she said in a hoarse voice. “Thank you. You know, for the first time you were… ummm, very, very good. And thank you…” she didn’t finish the sentence.

I must have looked at her questioningly.

“For watching,” she explained. “It was so much better with you watching. I hope you don’t mind.”

I shook my head. My prick jerked in the air of its own accord and Claire broke out in a gale of laughter. I looked at her pussy, sumptuously wet and swollen, veiled now with tiny ringlets of dampened pubic hair.

Claire spoke softly to me. “Would you like to try it?”

She saw me staring between her legs and said, “Not me silly. You.”

“Oh, I… I couldn’t. I mean… I.”

“Go on,” she said firmly as if knowing I would and only needed to be prodded a bit.

“Really? You really want to watch me jerk off?”

“Yes I do. I really and truly want to watch you do it.”

I stood up and took myself in hand.

“Ohhh, look at you,” Claire cooed. “Can you really grip it in both hands?”

“Uh, yeah, I can.”

With some pride I quickly demonstrated that indeed I could grip it with two hands and there was still about two inches protruding above my fingers.

“I’ve never seen a cock as big as yours,” she whispered, obviously impressed.

“But after the contest I should have known, but still… you make quite an impact on me Frank. Your cock is… formidable. Yes formidable.

I ached for her hand to replace mine, but lacked the courage to ask.

“Go on, Frank, crank it up.”

I leaned back slightly thrusting my pelvis at her face, which was only two feet away and began to jerk myself off.


“Yes?” Her voice already possessed a dream-like quality.

“Can I lick your nipple while I do it?”

“No.” But she paused as if giving my request further consideration. “Oh, all right, but keep stoking and don’t bite them they’re quite sensitive right now.”

She stood beside me and presented a breast to my mouth. She even cupped my balls for a minute or so. But I was thwarted from my blissful sucking as Claire pulled her stiffened nipple from my pouting lips and sat down at my feet.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I can see you. I’ll let you play with them later, okay?”

I continued with my slow, mechanical stroking, occasionally running my thumb across the head of my uncircumcised prick, tickling the sensitive head.

“That’s so beautiful,” Claire husked. “Thank you for letting me watch.”

“Never done this before,” I stammered.

“You’ve never masturbated before?” She asked incredulously.

“No. Had someone watch me. Normally I’d have come by now.”

“I’ve heard guys sometimes form a circle and have contests to see who will finish first and who will be the last to come.”

“Really?” I said. I’d never heard of such goings on.

“Ummm, for sure. But girls don’t do that.”

“That’s strange,” I responded, “I thought both sexes were pretty much alike when it comes to sex.”

“No, not at all. Girls might get down and dirty with one another though.”

I wiped beads of sweat from my eyes and forehead, and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mean they eat each other. If the group is large enough, say four girls, and they haven’t paired off, they might form a circle while eating one another. That’s called pulling the train. “

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